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what a piece of linear art that word is. i meant to write it once and let that be the title of this note, but i was immediately compelled to type it again and again and again. something about the angle of the letter “y” at the end and the rounded “a” along with the […]

on the subject of white guys once more and the tragedy of finding out that the rest of the world is catching up no matter how we might try to postpone the inevitable. this came to me after surviving the racist tirade by Pat Buchanan. this brought to the fore the raging hate of the […]

ok…take a deep breath

June 20th, 2009

i’ve been stuck on the news cycle. to take that breath, i am sitting and starting with something i hadn’t done in a while – i go back to my memory glossary to remind me. i forgot what it’s supposed to be reminding me of, but that’s ok. it’ll come to me eventually. 19. – […]

BRICcommunityTV’s Neighborhood Beat: Bushwick – a great show that features the art, culture and commerce. Hit the link; we’re on the TV box in brooklyn cable land. The current air mag located in the pocket next to the barf bag on British Airways flights. pip pip!

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