now this guy got it as right as i can understand it –

I had been immersed in gobbling up facets of the economic trainwreck until i couldn’t take it anymore and literally stumbled onto this interview. It was a small revelation. This econo-angst that’s been building inside of me didn’t have a face and the endless drivel coming from everyone from NPR through MSNBC and every other news outfit (remember, Fox isn’t news) had their “wise ones” crapping out endless soft-toned doublespeak; “fatazz” in the limited lexicon of my sheepshead bay/brighton beach hood in the ’60’s (yes, i’m from BK). It meant “bullshit of the mouth.” I just googled it. It never made it to popular culture. It did, however make it as someone’s myspace name among other things. To those people, maybe i should apologize, but hell, we had it and used it first.

This Kevin Philips Interview was on Bill Moyers’ Journal friday night.Thanks mike for sending me the link. It’s about 18 minutes long, so get your milk, open those twinkies, sit back and relax.

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3 Responses to now this guy got it as right as i can understand it –

  1. Mike says:

    It’s clear the lizard people are just desperately reaching for every last taxpayer cent to rob before Bush deserts the sinking ship. I’m not so sure we don’t deserve it, given how many people seem to accept Palin’s ‘leadership’ potential – it should be a toxic sign when ‘expert’ Laura Bush is commenting on Palin’s lack of experience; God forbid our leaders have more intelligence or sense than the average hoople on the street.

    Great to see McCan’t trying to aid the bailout of his own creation while spinning his cowardly debate absence as ‘for the people’. Disgusting.

  2. Mike says:

    Another good primer – it’s too easy for most people to think that the shit we’re in was always the way of the land. That’s no more true than social security…

    In honor of the scumbag politicos who’ve decided that secretly throwing together some bailout is far more important than losing any of their scheduled time off. Cheers!

  3. Mike says:

    Here it is folks, fire-up the crack pipe and destroy some neurons over the beauty that is our economy taking a dump for the next several years:

    (the largest bill you’ll ever get stuck with)

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