the little shop around the corner….

was playing on turner classic movies as i sat before this computer screen and searched for an airline that could get me out to visit a sick friend this past week.
i felt the warmth of black and white images bathe me as i linked this ernst lubitch film to with that ongoing reel that whirrs, clicks and creaks inside my head.
somewhere, out there in the universe of chance, coincidence, serendipity and ah-ha, i couldn’t help but marvel at such extraordinarinesses that occur as gifts in these moments.
for the uninformed, this film “the shop around the corner” was remade into “you’ve got mail,” a film for my own, doddering prejudices, i never had any desire to see and if that too, doesn’t enlighten you, the point is this;
the person i’m going to see is the result of a relationship formed through the written (and later, spoken) word……and oddly enough, may have developed into an odd little affair between two people who have yet to meet and each time we try, well, let’s just say life chooses to be amazingly….interesting.
it’s one of those moments where life imitates cinema, that 1940’s black and white movies offer the glow of safety in the past, in the glimmer of elsewhere.

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