Rat Bastards, the whole stinkin’ lot of ’em…

i can hardly look at the television. the nausea. the “information.” the presidential race. the trainwreck our country and economy have become. we need more trainwrecks. we need them to remind us of our aging infrastructure. we need them to remind us of bygone days when industrialization meant something massive, grey and heavy, i mean….that bygone era. there’s a great movie that’s all about trainwrecks, btw. oddly enough, it’s called “The Train” and it’s chock full of trainwrecks with real trains….
but i’m gettng away from the point. the point about bygone eras when fixing elections and manufacturing conflict wasn’t just so….transparent. when it was so much like the movie – black and white. parts of me want to go back to a simpler time when the Hays code monitored film and there weren’t so many ethnic-looking people around me everywhere i went. what is this, America? the america so many of the republicans want back isn’t that america.  there are ethnics in that america, but most of them work for the kindly old white guy who looks like the picture below (this guy was an actor by the name of Lewis Stone. he was a character actor in a lot of films from the silents till the late 40’s. he played in films with greta garbo, the barrymores and even mickey rooney. the only reason i used him here was because when he played mickey rooney’s dad in the “andy hardy” movie series, his household had a “colored” maid/cook, something i believe republicans (not to mention a fuckload of democrats, no doubt) sorely wish was the way again but would settle for a nice caste or european class system at this point in history;

i lived on the cusp of such a time. i lived some years on a farm where migrants lived and we had a cleaning lady whose name escapes me, but i remember her husband went by the name of “Wacky.” i used to play with their children as a child. Wacky wore a straw cowboy hat and drove the hell out of WWll-vintage Farmall tractors. He was the “trusted” black man on the farm. there were others who picked tomatoes all day, then went out drinking in drag at night. one was named “Charlie-Willie”, but lord knows, i’m straying far from the point. i just figured that this thought surfaced and it might not show up in my head for another decade or two. that’s what happens in my hard-drive these days. i have a catch-as-catch-can memory. but back to the “nice” america that so many americans want back. i remember when i had to sign a piece of paper that stated, “i am not now and never was a member of the communist party,” i DID sign one of those papers in the final days of its life. i think it was authored by the US House on UnAmerican Activities. i remember having the feeling that there were eyes peering down from somewhere, looking right over my shoulder as i wrote my answer to that question. i physically remember going flush, the blood running to my head; fear and shame getting equal time for no reason i could fathom. (is this how john garfield felt? do they know i just read “johnny got his gun” by dalton trumbo? was i guilty by association 20 years later?)

lucky for us we don’t have to answer that question anymore. unlucky for us now they’re peering over our shoulder and listening to our conversations…..but back to that America – it’s the regression america, the america of denial and acknowledgment of its faults. it’s an america that’s making the mistake the catholic church made on the “infallability” question a century or two ago. the world is beginning to get the impression that we’re becoming doddering geezers, falling back on our past when we saved the world from extreme evil(yes, i believe we saved the world from extreme evil), denying truth about our present which in turn will seriously threaten our future. the most amazing thing about this is that people in middle america will huddle into the past, the black and white as it were, rather than acknowledge harsh truths and look to change the future. that’s the tragedy-waiting-to-happen.

but i was talking about trainwrecks…..like everyone in the world who did business with us (U.S.) in the “Housing Debacle.” every now and again, instead of blankly staring at american news commentators, i like to do the same with english or german commentators and you know what?  they’re feeling it too. it’s safe to say we’ve pretty much pissed off the entire world on this one. financial trainwrecks are happening the world over because of our housing mess and it’s because of our “economic-train-line-switches” so to speak. somewhere down the line, the behavior of Enron-like people – people who found loopholes who knew people in washington (like bush) who either would approve their actions or possibly look the other way said, “hey, let’s do this!” assuming “the market will take care of it” or some other-such claptrap , knowing all along that they were doing what i might call “smart-ass weasling.” if you’re not sure why gas prices went up like they did, you might look into the “energy speculation” done by members of enron and ken lay, Bush’s energy consultant. these are the smart-assed capitalists who said that they need no government oversight and got that blessing from the bushcheney machine. they said that they can be trusted because they were smart. as always, if you want to find out the source of the problem, all you need to do is follow the money, except in following it in most cases, it’ll run you into an endless maze or bring you to places that’ll make you shudder and lose all hope for the future. (airline stocks went crazy on 9/10/2001 – some people made a killing in a number of ways on 9/11/2001). thank goodness we’re not in a recession or a depression. (i’m being sarcastic)
i think i’ve found the word for what we’re in. it’s a “compression.”
an “economic compression” occurs when the amount of economic bullshit reaches such a peak that everyone everywhere in the world has to manufacture more bullshit to stay economically afloat. and you know what typically happens when too much of anything is compressed. it eventually explodes, the shit flies and lands everywhere. then there’s this other thing called the “UMBO BOX”.  all of the most powerful economies in the world have what is called an UMBO BOX. they were manufactured in the late 1970’s by a guy named H.K.Thurwell in Boise, Idaho. On the bottom of the UMBO box is hand-stamped “it doesn’t matter” with the HKT initials, a possible double entendre because there is no technology on earth that is able to cut open these boxes and shortly after these boxes made it to high-ranking government officials the world over, Thurwell disappeared, leading to suspicions that it was the work of those grifting con-artist lizard-people, those same people i spoke about earlier (who had eaten ken lay).
i re-entered these pics to refresh the reader to an earlier post you’ll find if you look to earlier postings either here or in the myspace blog. it’s out here, somewhere. you might want to refer to this, though the UMBO box questions lie further in the future.

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    this was excellent – a caught it when it was on and wanted to learn more about this guy – thanks

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