…..even writes books…..

of course i didn’t want to mention it.
so i won’t.
what i will do is address a statistic.
the author of the book i’m talking about has 28% of americans thinking the presidency is a possibility. the network talking heads scoff mildly.
that means one of four people think…uhh…never mind.
shit, add emotionally unstable independent voters who need only to be scared for a few weeks and it’s a dummed-down version of the bush presidency.
about half the population of this country doesn’t believe in evolution, which is ok i guess, provided they can work santa clause into the angle…
yeah, we got a future.
get your crucifixes out. or get the rosetta stone program that teaches chinese.
on the other hand, there’s something decidedly smutty going on in the republican party and i believe there’s baby’s blood and ball gags galore going on somewhere around C-street.

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