as i watched “surviving the dust bowl” on pbs

it was saturday…i don’t know…sunday…
i channel-surfed and black and white images stopped me.
i stop for black and white.
if you know me, you know that by now.
someday that’ll be on a bumper sticker.
it would be a private joke and the people who would get it would be people who know me and my car, but i’m peering into an uncertain future.
i wonder about my toyota camry and how much life is left in it and consequently ask the same question of myself.
it’s what i do.
looking at these depression-era filmclips, i sat back and listened.
i glanced at the clock above the TV and saw the program was about 8 minutes old and at the corner of the screen it said “the american experience”
surviving the dust bowl was the title of the documentary. it was a harrowing story.
it was especially not a good time for jackrabbits.
you’d have to watch it if you want to know what i mean. believe you me, it’s creepy.
i found myself flashing on the book and film “the grapes of wrath.”
there were no jackrabbits in steinbeck’s work, i know, but if you’ve never read that book, you should. it’s a masterpiece.
the difference between what i’ve been watching and the steinbeck writing was this; it was no movie.
at one point they try to explain what happened, what caused it and oddly enough it was greed then drought. surprise surprise.
that was also brought up by steinbeck in his book, again and again.
i haven’t brought out the soap box for this note.
i’m not going to go on about the who’s and why’s.
what’s past is prologue – gee, every wise quote i love is from shakespeare – does that make me smart? or naive’?
i’ll have to take naive’. smart i ain’t.
what happens then to now belies such wisdom.
maybe it should be “what’s pasta is prologue.”
it’s something i can better understand. besides, i’ve been talking to someone about pasta fagioli just moments ago.
it might make better sense.

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