rain rain rain – what a perfect day;

before i go on and on about nothing in particular…. about the big trial coming to town, about the criminals in our midst who wear concern like sleazy hookers (male and female) looking to turn tricks for beer money, about the independent voters who are swayed by mindless rhetoric, thinking that change happens like swapping shit-streaked underwear, failing to acknowledge the source of the problem – a bunch of filthy, scheming assholes.
excuse that last metaphor….the point being this day of rain has made this tirade moot and
i’m still reading merde’ – there’s lots of merde’ out there in googleland, btw.
about a page or two of this merde’ and i’m done;
it’s pretty dryly-written merde’.
not a word about skidmarks.
but i digress……

today, this rainy, rainy day coincidentally, turner classic movies is screening gunga din, a film that i’ve time and again referred to for numerous reasons.
this film is where i was first introduced to eduardo cianelli, the voice that, fifty years later, would be clear as a bell to me when i meet the first of the grifting lizards from mars – you know, the one that looks like omar sharif. he’s the high priest in the filmclip below;

but the news this morning centered on reports of brutality by british troops in iraq – it reminded me of northern ireland in the 1970’s and ’80’s and british troop behavior during “the troubles” and bobby sands (among others) in long kesh and the irish hunger strike.
it seems the more “civilized” the government, the more brutal its hidden practices.
we might call the conflict in afghanistan “the big poppy-fit” what with the war probably more to do with the heroin market and the CIA than al qaeda and the nine-eleven money trail.
colonial france. talk about “the age of enlightenment.” jeesh.
you could look at colonialism over the centuries and the US during the reign of dick cheney. it’s all the same.
arrogance, an overbloated sense of entitlement and a total disconnect from humanity.
it rains. it’s a perfect day.

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