The Wedding or how i spent 9 hours of summer

it was up the country. i was up the country. i was with drew, jared and miranda.

we traveled to theĀ  amram family compound in upstate new york for the wedding of their son, adam to his sweetheart, teresa. teresa was from italy. they met a year or so ago in london, or one of those “english” places. they both play drums. maybe that had something to do with it, but anyway, one thing led to another and here we are.
the house was on a little hill

they even had a barn or two-

and beautiful land with wonderful trees and a pond

where adam and teresa had a lovely ceremony with opera singers and close friends and family from everywhere in the world

american legend and hero, pete seeger was even there. that’s the old skinny guy with the blue cap next to the lady in red. i chose not to shutterbug him. this is good enough for me

after they both said “i do”, the rabbi said “kiss”, so they did

and then paddled across the pond

while the band began to set up and there was music, music and more music while we ate delicious food (not pictured)

and then it rained and rained, so we went home

it was a wonderful day

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