when you can’t

back to the memory glossary. it’s been a while.

23. – Prior knowledge activation – Process of reminding students of things they have already learned relative to a new topic.
it is with prior knowledge activation that the young bankers knew to grease the wheels that released the regulations that held the banks and brokerages in check since the nineteen thirties thereby allowing a second trashing of the united states banking system by another generation of know-it-all-stooges to the delight of the older, wiser banks and institutions and even more, to the menu writers one-step above humanity on the galactic food-chain who could take delight and feed on the taste of pink arrogance and juicy greed on this, the eightieth anniversary of the wall street crash (known to the grifting lizards from mars as “the last time we were forced to dine on civil servants”)
there. i used it in a sentence.

i wish i could hide in my intergalactic relationship with the eduardo cianelli-sounding guy (who looks like omar sharif), but matters of looming sadness and anxiety regarding another human being are forcing me from the serenity of nature and wind and pinioning me against matters of likemindedness and concern over this one who seems have drawn near to me. it’s in this relationship that “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension” has become electrifyingly crystallized (in a hyperly-molecular sense, mind you).
“near-to-me” is the hook in this. “near” in the sense that our words met six months ago, though they glimpsed one another years earlier.
it was a writer’s waltz. it was a casual one-two-three, one-two-three, back and forth, forth and back, with an occasional bow and curtsey either of us taking turns genderbending our roles and turns in this dance that was based here, in word-processed schmaltz – well, maybe 25% on her end; mine, zero genetically, but 35% culturally because of my stepfather, for my regard for lenny bruce, my successful verbal sparring with jackie mason at dangerfield’s decades ago and the fact that i proposed to one jewish-american princess in my life.
like anyone who lives to learn, i’m forever a student.
if i were furnished with directions on living i would have thrown away the manual and said, “i can figure this out,” leaving a trail of important information scattered in my wake.
i confessed my lack of scholastic wherewithall, as if knowledge were cash and told her that for whatever reason, i do what i do and i write what i write.
she found this endearing and maybe even a little seductive. she wrote me that she was a writer and sent me a sample of what she does and jeez, i was impressed. without making a big deal out of it, she told me about her scholastic journey and i’ll leave it at, “if degrees were gold, she’d be fort knox,” i could hear her voice and she, mine.
she was wonderfully street to me.
she IS wonderfully street to me.
and so it went on, day in and day out.
we made a date for dinner after three weeks.
today i went to where i go for that three-hour vacation.
instead of going to the beach or the fort, i chose the airport (the old, old one that i take pictures of) and went to the end where it juts into jamaica bay.
looking below, if you were to follow that airstrip that seems to point furthest out from the center, that’s where you would have found me and maxx today.
past the end of runway 24.

i don’t think i ever wrote the word “juts” before, but i think it’s well on the way of walking through the arch that sits at the front gate of my national park of favorite words.
i walked some nature trails with my dog and one led to the shore where i let maxx run. i walked the shore and realized i developed a seaglass habit.
everytime i seaglass, i pick it up.
henny youngman would have been proud of me for that one.

a series of numbers flash through my mind…..424, 514, 829, 1023, 514, 421, 218, 1208, 1116, 1215…they are birthdays. i have no idea why they play in my mind.

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