pictures of great music

that pumpkin’s angst is a picture of my spirit lately.
i want to talk about so many things, but it seems better that i shut my mouth for a day…
maybe i’ll go on and on about it tomorrow.
besides, there was a great show here and i’m better served talking about that.
i got these pictures…..

nan turner (schwervon!) booked a show here this week and it was full of friends;
susan hwang (the bushwick book club), GBM counterperson extraordinaire and her accordian…

and you’re so pretty with Nan of Schwervon!, Julie Delano of The Leader (on bass), and Jenknee of CMonkey….

dibs (the guy who looks like he knows about computers) and associates, form “old hat” with toby goodshank brought on as “unwitting member of the studio audience”….

Fisherman Three (with jack and simon pictured) wound up the night…

……in the meantime, there were these guys from austin, texas by the name of “sunset” performing in the backyard who were brilliant in a psychedelically casual sort of dreamway, complete with lyrics and imagery.

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