broccoli rabe, bake sales, brokers, balloons and moral hazards

our airplane got some new lights;

but that’s for later…..

the threads in my brain were weaving this note when i was driving to get some broccoli rabe to go with my dinner. as i drove the evergreen route (a back street that runs parallel to bushwick avenue), me and maxx happened past a small crowd of moms and kids with signs that read “bake sale” and one mom got close enough to the passenger side window to get the bejesus scared out of her with maxx’s tremendous roar. or bark. dogs bark. i forgot that.
so shamed was i that i pulled over at the far corner and walked to the tables and inquired to the mom if she was alright.
“scared me, but i’m OK,” she said and i replied, “for my dog’s bad behavior i’d like to buy some cakes for my coffeehouse,” and bought almost all of their remaining cakes and cookies. this has nothing to do with anything other than how i needed to do something in order to reconnect with the family of family for a moment.
i was thinking about “family” because just before i decided to go on my quest for dark, leafy veggies, i had switched on “hardball” and they were talking about this balloon story. this was the day of the breaking story and the moment they showed balloon dad, a switch went on in my brain. it was the bullshit detector.
this is being written with the state of colorado about to press charges on this guy and so be it, but i’ll get back to this in a bit. i want to stay on the story as it happened. i want to stay there because back then, at the beginning of the weekend, i was on a bit of a “douchebag” bender and i want to stay in that zone for a while longer.
i looked at this guy and thought to myself “self-assured storm-chaser inventor type, taking a whole-shot into possible douchebag-dom.”
the kid-in-the-balloon-story didn’t work from second one but i understood how the police did their exact job description and hooray for them and their efforts.
as some news commentators from msnbc expressed questions when it was revealed that mister heenee (as they pronounced his name) called press outlets before notifying the police.
and from there to here is where we are. fraud, hoax…all that there.
at the same time, there’s this “historic healthcare battle” going on, wall street smart-ass banksters and brokesters are full of arrogance as ever and somewhere in this miasma, i’m trying to find the place where all of these things intersect and it seems to be at a place i’ve been to and spoke about a year ago, the shadowland of “moral hazard.”
before going on, i thought to look these words up separately;
moral – “of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior” – and a whole lot more if you hit the link at the word, but that’s a good start.
hazard – 1 : a game of chance like craps played with two dice – 2 : a source of danger

and now, of course,

moral hazard – the definition of which makes me wonder why they used either of those words to begin with. don’t let me impress you with my opinion – read it and you’ll probably draw the same conclusion.

before i go on, a commercial announcement;

first thing – our opposum is still here;

i gave him a sandwich just moments before. he’s nice.
we’ve gone through many names and none have yet to stick.
we tried a new one this night.
barack opossum.

i gave goodbye blue monday a christmas-light haircut. it entails unplugging all of the lights we’ve strung in this place in the past two years, cutting them away (rather than untangling them and having everything fall down and kill us) and replacing them like i’m doing now, every day.

but i digress, purposely.

on my way back to the point i’m trying to make, this article from LI Pulse magazine came into the store. i love when a review understands our mission statement, not that i ever thought i had a mission statement, but if i had a mission statement, this would be it.
i mean, i opened this place with what was written in mind, but i never read it in such an eloquent brevity of words. thanks, Pulse.

back to broccoli rabe, bake sales, brokers, balloons and moral hazard;

mister heenee is no doubt a weasel of low order, ran his scam and got caught.
bernie madoff and his minions (there ARE minions, one who became dinner and a suit a year ago – see last year’s grifting lizard blogs), didn’t get caught for DECADES.
we’re talking mega-weasel here.
we have banks, insurance companies, churches and politicians who hang humanity in test balloons of sorts and let people perish (on battlefields, in streets, in hospitals or the lack thereof – you know, all sorts of places that don’t play well enough to america’s heartstrings – the press in particular) and not string the illusion of such horrors on the imagined picture of a frightened six-year-old. remember, he was hiding safely in an attic.
a douchebag stunt, yes.
america has become the land of douchebag stunts. our economy is driven by it.
moral hazard, indeed.

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