my seltzer is naturally chilled again…

when i wake, i no longer need to walk to the kitchen to get cold seltzer. it’s right there, on the window ledge. as i drink, i think about how cold the seltzer in my car will be.
i’m up to layer four. pretty sure next layer might be the bummy thermal textured undershirt. the cold is exciting to me. i see the national park in my urbanworld becoming a place where maxx and i can walk the paths again without the shuddering fear of what horrible things ticks can do.
i have peeled ticks from my hair and scraped their locked-in legs from the hide of my dog. they give me the creeps, having just googled that word, i am surprised to learn that charles dickens used the word 160 years ago.

the creeps idiom
“Also, the willies. A sensation of horror or repugnance, as in That weird man gives me the creeps, or I get the willies when I hear that dirge music. The first of these colloquial terms alludes to a sensation of something crawling on one’s skin. Charles Dickens used it in David Copperfield (1849) to describe a physical ailment: “She was constantly complaining of the cold and of its occasioning a visitation in her back, which she called ‘the creeps.’” But soon after it was used to describe fear and loathing. The variant dates from the late 1800s, and both its allusion and origin are unclear.”

i think dickens was one of the greatest writers ever. he was described by some critics as a “mechanic,” or “literary craftsman,”but i think he was a brilliant social critic and a comedic genius.
i would be willing to bet that his critics were most likely the type of people who felt uncomfortable about their social standing. these people might be the type of persons who, a hundred and fifty years later be construed as douchebags.

i re-read oliver twist a while back.
i can forever relate characters from then till now, something that tells me that heroes, villains and douchebags are eternal.
speaking of douchebags…..
i awoke to NPR and a guy trying to justify the 140 million dollars in wall street banking and investment bonuses coming out this year, according to a story in today’s wall street journal, hence, i will probably be mentioning “douchebags” a few times today.
which reminds me;
the battle in the healthcare debate is being orchestrated by wall street. it comes down to the market and insurance companies and investors and how much.
the skullfuck is coming.

the con is back in confidence. the dow is over ten thousand,
the window to the corporate soul is full of green, yet, never a thank you. from the bankers to the government nothing but a sneer and a ruffling of dismissiveness.
how little, little people matter.
this might explain the smile (with those terrible little teeth) i saw after taking these pictures (among others added to my “earth reclamation project”) yesterday.
i’ll probably have to cycle out without maxx and do it again.

these are new pics of other buildings, not as old and not as neglected. some of them have evidence of having been alive less than twenty years ago. they used to play darts in this building;

they even had “wood paneling” back then –

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