from the top – a reprint from august, 2007, updated

some of you folks might recall this post, but i’m hoping we’ve made a lot more friends in between then and now. since this was first posted, goodbye blue monday has been written up all over the place, got an award from the village voice for best venue to hear new music, was mentioned in AM-NewYork, the new yorker, the gothamist and on a whole world of blogs; we’ve gussied up the place (and got more chairs) because we believe people have a right to sit if they want to.

i danced with the demon cancer for a while at bellevue and buddy the cat, my buddy, used up a couple of his lives in Andredes (hope i spelled it right) pet hospital in queens.

the following is that post with a few addendums to it;

eight years ago i moved here amid crackhouses, crackdealers and crackwhores.
i said “please” and “thank you” each time i would come to open the rusty shuttered gate, day or night, as i started the five-year process that would eventually become this place and i could feel a certain amount of heat emanating from the people who were less than enthusiastic about my arrival here.
hey, when i lived in the east village (back when there was an “east village”), the hookers strolled sadly and defiantly across the street from my home on 12th street and second avenue. it was going on there for 50 years. (Why do you think Taxi Driver was shot where it was shot? – 13th street 2nd and 3rd ave), but i digress…’s all about hardcore urbana…….

bushwick is not the east village and never will be, but it is THE creative hotbed for music and art in this city.

This whole fucking city.

There might be some extraordinary pockets of creativity all around the city and outer boroughs, and there’s no doubt millions of speculative dollars all along the L-Line invested in hipster and post-hipster lodgings (yes hipsters – you’re growing older and there’s even something “post-you” burgeoning), but there’s something to be said for the bushwick/bedstuy metal vein known as broadway.

the JMZ world.
the broadway between myrtle and kosciuszko.
the dead zone.

where bakeries perish, tabernacles thrive (a few at least) and goodbye blue monday has been carving out a creative niche’ for over two years now (now, three years), almost as if in secret.
I’ve made friends with people who liked the idea of a place where they could buy cheap collectibles (i’ve made many perfume and scarf-collecting ladies happy when i first opened as a retail), video and record collectors would flock to me and trash divers found me as a way of getting either a meal or a high in their systems.
Well, i still sell stuff (books, tchotchkes, records, art, coffee, WIFI and so on…) on the cheap but don’t give away the pop-culture iconography anymore. you’ll do better here than NYC, but hey – we ain’t a junk shoppe. we’re a gallery w/ talent, rarities and cool stuff with a wonderful updated sound system (more old stuff) and a real grown-up soundboard. (we started doing music here with a fender suitcase PA w/6-inch speakers and $30 microphones i bought at a xerox store)
but again, i do digress…
OK – what am i getting at…..?
six months ago i sent out a myspace post looking for people who might understand what i’m trying to do here.

i railed about the dwindling venues where new music can blossom in of all places, New York City. Where music scenes can be born. No pre-fab music scenes. Not SONY-indie labels selling the same harmonies; Real, new, original ideas. In places like these – way out here. In the land where a venue owner will book anyone (at least once!)

(as of this writing in 2008, we’ve even been mentioned in BILLBOARD)
where, i believe, recording and making our shows available for streaming online (as of this writing, 3/29/2008) we’re almost there, the overwhelming growth of internet and blog-powered advertising and marketing portals (that is/was until my blog blew up!), as well as the opportunities of free-form podcasting availability – all of this stuff that i know little or nothing about, can grow.

I asked for people with expertise (got a couple), vision as well as Money (still waiting on that) to consider this place, to partner you to it and make it “business-breaking lease-proof”, something that happens to venues who are ill-equipped for the future.

I wish for someone(s) who would grow this place – all that internet stuff, along with a kitchen, and basement lounge/record room extension to go along w/the sculpture garden in the backyard; a place safe from spiraling rents. A place that can be owned, gaining equity and value with the coming years. A safe investment with a future.

Anyone feel like joining us?

Been reading the newspapers lately? It’s STILL all about bushwick and bedstuy!
and we’re all about bushwick and bedstuy!

we’re still here and getting stronger. i consider that a miracle and i couldn’t have done it without you.

steve trimboli, goodbye blue monday

a lot of our missing bloggery and press can be found here-

and scrapbar chronicles can be found here-

…until we link this new thing back together, that is!

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4 Responses to from the top – a reprint from august, 2007, updated

  1. Kasheik says:

    Love this place. It’s like a hidden nook, with lots of creativity brewing. No matter who or whatever you are, this place accepts and nurtures you. The first time I came to this place it was after midnight, and a full house. Very cool artsy venue, growth is important and I have my hopes high on this place! 🙂

  2. Bekim says:

    i miss going here. hope you’re doing well steve.

  3. Steve says:


    If i ever have money (read; “world tokens”), i’d definitely do whatever it takes to make GBM permanent (as can be) residents, it’s hard for me to formulize a good statement about what GBM does for musicians, artists and the like, giving people an easy going environment to do what they will, be creative, utilize their minds, and somehow attract creative people who aren’t just boring trendsterscoasters, things come and go people come and go, we have come and gone, all over the northeast at least, and never had such a comfortable, creative, energetic vibe in any venue as with GBM, i only hope people really recognize that quality in the place, for truth seeking creative thoughtful things,you have got me, i think that wherever limits of concrete explanation are reached idealism comes to predominatet the workings of nature become neglected, people become aware of some sort of process by which they seem to achieve knowledge, a knowledge consisted of confused speculations which rarely attain any truth (truth?) but you have to puch forward, onward

    the materialism anchored in so much consciousness demands that art have its own values free from the style of representation that today is stripped of all credibility for so many creative thinkers twentieth century humans shaped by materialism, have become inured to already told forms, sullied with ignorance

    why can’t we take the position of a mystic, rather than a rationalist? why can’t we leap to conclusions that others cannot reach with cold logic? rational judgements repeat rational judgements, illogical judgements lead to new experiences, alter perception to change understanding…is it waxing philosophically or just trying to let go,

    why do we cling then? what do we need? giving up security, safety, in favor of weakness in the face of a bold new place to explore, one after another they would bombard like a spidery explosion from a roman candle, bright erratic and just captivating enough to make us move…you’ll be able to find something in GBM, in the people, the environment, the air….

    places hold memories, and sections of time, and GBM always delivers excellent one’s, trust me…

    steve pfund

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