a required primer for the healthcare-ignorant

so simple, i even understood it!
and that means you could, too.

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3 Responses to a required primer for the healthcare-ignorant

  1. admin says:

    as an independent business owner who can’t afford the the bizarre rates for health insurance, i love to read the FOX-inspired talking points from this fine, well-educated american.
    stay angry, pilgrim. no one is as smart as you.

  2. Ellen says:

    The idea that capitalism somehow leads to better health care is an absolute farce. Under the current profit-motivated system, doctors only get paid when they do something – procedures, precriptions, whatever. Doctors aren’t being paid to keep people healthy. That’s why the vast majority of procedures and prescriptions are absolutely unnecessary, but we’re paying for them anyway through our premiums. The profit motive doesn’t lead to better health care, just to more profit (and waste).
    So we have the highest per-capita health costs, but our life expectancy isn’t anywhere near the top – not even the top 30. That what the “profit motive” has gotten us so far.

  3. Rachael says:

    A few of comments for the comments.

    Obama is not wanting to get rid of the private health care option. You can choose to keep your existing insurance. He simply wants to add another choice to the mix. This would increase competition, not crumble it.

    The video points out the truth that with insurance, your money is pooled together to help pay for others that are sick too. If there are too many claims, guess what, your rates go up too. Sounds kinda socialized in this sense to me and who benefits – the insurance companies.

    The government has had programs that have worked really well. The problem is when and if there is a President/Congress that stops backing a program. Then the program goes by the way side. If the program is cared for, then it will be run well. Take the No Child Left Behind, it could be a great program if only they backed it and funded it.

    So why not let the American people decide for themselves. We are a democracy, right? If some of us want the public option (which is still the majority according to polls), then let us have the option. Others will still be able to choose their existing insurance plans. And with the extra competition, maybe the for profit health insurance companies would be forced to get their act together and start acting ethically, cut your rates and give you more for your money like they should be doing.

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