Sheri Barclay’s Live Radio Experimint (it’s refreshing!!)..and that’s just for starters

Sheri Barclay’s radio show happened last Sunday as a spontaneous afternoon “do” and it went over so well that she’s calling our stage her “radio home” for the next while. Every Sunday she’ll be mixing music with her on-the-street-chats, observations and commints (that’s “cool” for comments) about everything and nothing at all……, each and every Sunday between 5 and 7pm you’ll get her show, but this Sunday after Sheri’s radiotime, Diana Joy will be here for her third residency date. She gets brillianter and brillianter. Want a sample of what she can do? Go to our link to youtube (look left) and dial her name in the search. Totally worth it!

but that’s just part of a much more colorful canvas that has developed here…..

Today, Saturday, there’s going to be a BBQ live-music birthday party hosted by members of Evil Scenery and friends that come along to play followed by Joe Presti’s residency and a great lineup headed by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, a wonderful duo from Massachusettes who opened for the Tiger Lillies in LA a while back. Also on hand; Some Candy, the Locust Cloud and Third Border.

Long-time GBM trustee, employee, neighbor and aid since we opened here, Kevin Ross aka TEENWOLF – Ninjasonik is hitting DJ paydirt with his cohort Jah Jah aka Reverend McFly – Ninjasonik working with our new neighbor Chief Bodega, a DIY music and art space open by Chief Magazine’s Andy and Ed who are responsible for producing real-live VINYLS of NINJASONIK’S magic.

Monday, Billy White returns, bringing his Jazz workshop back, something that was a mainstay here last year till he headed back to SF, CA, only to realize we didn’t open a branch out there just yet…, every Monday from 6 to 9 pm – brilliant jazz, trust me!

Check the residencies, weekend BBQ shows, and our menu (yes, i said Menu!) – right now it’s only committed to cardboard and chalkboard. We’re working the Wraps racket right now…..fresh, good and cheap.

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