whew! 27 and one –

it’s 94+something degrees out but it’s all clear and cool at goodbye blue monday. there are fans everywhere moving the air about, somehow making it more than tolarable in here…dare i say “almost COOL”

sherri’s going out to get her mixer and some records and she’s going to do an impromptu Dj set for as long as she wants. maybe it’s a “coping mechanism” to help get past the crushing heat, or maybe she just likes to play music here on a sunday afternoon.

it’s fine by me. i’m reeling over yesterday. i ain’t doing much today.
goodbye blue monday and it’s lavish outdoor, daisy-filled meadow played host to 27 different acts and one late-night reprise by yva las vegass. yva will sing at the drop of a hat. she lives to sing.

it was as if yasgur’s farm was shrunk down to an infinitesmal size and injected into an urban vein,(broadway, in brooklyn). it’s like that movie where they inject a gang of doctors housed in a little ship into the bloodstream of a deathly-ill scientist in a race-against-time…..what movie was that, anyway? i think raquel welch was in it. she played a scientist who wore a skin-tight red jumpsuit that accentuated her magnificent cleavage. paging doctor welch!

oh….where was i? i think i was trying to make a correlation between woodstock, music, peace, veins – both human and urban – and something that seems to have escaped me. it must be the heat, but you know what i’m getting at. the music thing. the community. the feel-good thru art thing. the don’t-eat-the-brown-acid thing.

i must give big props to our crew, friends and performers who helped pull and hold this day together. one wonderful act after another helped us keep our promise to Bushwick Open Studios and everyone involved, to give a sampling of the talent out here and we did just that.

almost every act that performed here on BOS saturday is on youtube or soon will be – zach, the author of his own signature Sake’ Mojito (look for the Team Mojito BBQ party show upcoming here – it’s not corporate sponsored, it’s neighborhood sponsored and open to all) – well, zach is responsible for bringing this youtube-video-thing to life. it’s good for us, the venue…..and for you, the artist. i am continually amazed (not in a “shocked” way….in a “good” way) at the varied musicality that sets up onstage to deliver itself to the listener. sometimes a great secret happens. six or ten people are here for something that is magic. goodbye blue monday has been privy to a lot of performers and bands’ “initial public offerings” (couldn’t resist!). i love to hear people introduce themselves onstage and follow by adding “…and this is our first time performing anywhere..”- and we hope to encourage all artists, musical or otherwise, to take the plunge and follow your dream.

life’s too short.

ABOUT THIS BBQ WEEKEND SHOW THING – we welcome musicians or bands who want to have a party in the sculpture garden. Get in touch with us here or on myspace.


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  1. Jayne says:

    Fantastic Voyage

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