well…..after taking a deep breath, i got something to say..

with so much going on these days, i haven’t had the time to center on much. i stopped writing my five or six entries per week like the good little writer i’ve been trying to become.
my short-attention-span is becoming an electrifying affair.
i find myself worrying about one friend while finding another after years and years. i lose another to the ravages of time while hiding in the headlines of newschannels.
seltzer water and honey turkey don’t taste the same anymore and hasn’t for years and neither has the news of late.
but i digress.
it seems, i’m booking acts for the backyard performance space. what started out as a little movie theater (we still do have a movie or screening here and there) has become a fully operational second stage; a whole other venue, a place for more performance, music, the new home for the weekly tuesday teacup open mic and where the next bushwick bookclub show will be held.
you know the one – the bookclub show about the bible.

we’re doing it out there because, among the snacks available for this show, the book of genesis deems that we serve up the rhetorical adam’s ribs, though we’ll not resort to cannibalism this time ’round. we’ll go pork and beef.
do they make soy spare ribs?
so it’s the bushwick bookclub bible BBQ show with adam’s ribs, ribs and original-sin sangria and we ain’t stopped thinking this over yet…..
don’t answer that, anyone out there. i don’t really want to know.
you cannot put soy and rib in the same sentence.
it’s just not right.

with all of the big music blasts these past weeks – thanks huggabroomstik (and friends), shellshag (ditto) – see photo –

and team mojito (and all the performers from that date. photos to follow, btw.) –
i hadn’t noticed until this week that our general output of performances, about four acts a day, seven days a week have quietly gone to about seven acts a day, four to seven days a week.
imagine that!

this friday we have a whole bunch of music and video from brooklyn and boston –
jaggery, walter sickert and the army of broken toys, garvy J and adrienne anemone and this’ll be in the backyard performance space, like i’ve been talking about tomorrow. tell your friends!!

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