bushwick residents beware; uniformed legal extortionists afoot

two summers ago, here in broadway, BK –
no one was safe. anyone rolling up to their loft or apartment door on their bicycle, anyone seen walking out of their building’s hallway smoking a cigarette (a friend of mine, a skinny white boy, got a gun pulled on him by a law-enforcement agent over this – apparently a hallway is “public space” or something, like a movie theater) – anyone doing anything that the city of new york could attach a summons to, they did.


the cops say it’s bloomberg’s fault.

maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. but people are being detained as they walk down the street and i’ve seen it.

so, DON’T – ride you bike on the sidewalk. even for a second.

don’t even straddle the bike, as someone told me that they were even fined for that.

careful where you light up….ANYTHING!

careful what you have in that container.

suspicion is the gateway to invasion.

be prepared to be stopped and frisked for any manufactured reason they can muster.

jaywalking is legal offense.

and remember – they’re doing this for your own good.

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5 Responses to bushwick residents beware; uniformed legal extortionists afoot

  1. Matt C says:

    Yes yes, drinking a beer on a rooftop is considered a crime as well… I even asked, “so I’m getting a ticket for being of age and drinking a beer on private property?” cop: “yup.” Ok then. . .

  2. Stacey says:

    And remember to sort your trash or the sanitation police will get u..$300…don’t park 1 minute over the prohibited time traffic violation ..$65…it’s all about money….didn’t Steven King have a short story about the phone police???….

  3. jay says:

    Yea, the cops detained me for thinking the wrong thoughts. I spent five nights in a lockup in Brownsville and had to provide urine samples. I now attend outpatient substance abuse treatment five days per week and am studying to be a social worker.

  4. Jayne says:

    Have they taken you away. Why so long without a post?

  5. Tim says:

    I believe all of your papers must be in order. People engaging in anything but duck speak will be fined.

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