Goodbye Blue Monday

it started like this….

May 8th, 2017

i’m working on my new website.
it’s called and this is how it happened.
also, let me tell you right off;
each piece that i make is original, one-of-a-kind and unique.

do you see the fixture above, where a small piece of orange reflector is glued to the tail light?
i discovered this problem my first week in detroit.
i’m sure i didn’t have it in new york.
if i did, it would’ve caused a police-activated-revenue-stop. a ticket.
that’s why, “the cracked tail light,” has forever-been used in movie and TV scripts.
…so, the moment i saw it, as me and maxx walked past my car, i began to worry about being stopped in my new home-town.
fortunately, street-sweepers haven’t visited these blocks in a long time, so i spied small red and orange plastic shards mixed in the dirt by the corner.
that’s where accidents happen; at the intersection of crash street and crunch avenue.

from then on, if i saw any auto-plastic – those reds, oranges and clear plastic shards connected to whatever housing was with it – i’d pick them up.
maybe it replaced the “sea-glass”-collecting hobby i had for years at gateway national park.
back then, i wanted to make something along the lines of a tiffany lamp with them.
now, almost four years in detroit, i have a box of plastic shards and pieces, along with broken tail light assemblies. looking at this, i thought the same thing; i’ll make an automotive-angled tiffany shade.
i started the project last autumn. i also ended the project last autumn.
too much, too soon.
a couple of days later, walking through a dollar-store, there they were;
small, inexpensive night-lights that i could re-create with this stuff…and here we are!

this is not to say i won’t be doing bigger pieces.
they’ll be coming, but not right now.
oh, and one other thing;
i’m not wandering around detroit streets looking for plastic like i did in the beginning.
i do that in huge junkyards, now. i always loved junkyards….

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