walking up mount everest

that’s what it’s like trying to write these days. i’ve been thinking a whole lot…i have the 4th and final installment of “ken lay and the martian lizard people” but lost the will to go on when the crazy white lady came in one day collecting money for the homeless. in one arm she had a tattered board she carried with indecipherable xeroxed documentation and a five-gallon poland spring water bottle in the other. i questioned her foundation’s authenticity and told her that i couldn’t contribute because of it. she answered with fire in her eyes. she said that it didn’t matter anyway. that the lizard people were coming to take over the world enslave humanity and that it was all happening in 2012. i was surprised and shocked with this revelation because it had hit too close to the home of my ken lay story. did she read my ken lay story? is there a load of info out there regarding the end of the world and lizard people?

well, i just googled “lizard people”. there’s an entire universe of information about them, though a lot of conflicting info. shit. it must be true. so much for ken lay…..
but i’m not going to get into that just now. it’s more important to talk about the game of scrabble and its relationship with a growing number of players who are showing up here, a certain tweak or tick evident….needing to get in a game. the boards are available. there are some hardcore enthusiasts who sit quietly, not very different from the benchwarmers who inhabit the southwest corner of washington square park where the chess tables are, sitting, waiting to establish eye contact….get a game going….how ’bout it?….

i might also mention that on saturday, june 7th, we’ll be hosting the music portion of the Bushwick Open Studios art festival. day into night – over 20 acts.

imagine that! two stages, BBQ, new neighbor opens their gallery next door….WOW! plus it’s gonna be andy’s birthday. all that AND a birthday.


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2 Responses to walking up mount everest

  1. Stacey says:

    Steve you are crazy….good crazy with a huge imagination and a big heart crazy

  2. Stacey says:

    Steve you are crazy….a huge imagination big heart crazy….a unique and genuine crazy…that’s why u rock

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