the summer cold in the springlike summer

i can’t remember when i last had one of these things. when was the last time i woke to a sore throat? i knew why…my little window fan (it IS a little windowfan) was blowing cool air into my room. it was, in fact, so cool that it woke me. (that, combined with the fact that i needed to pee, i’m not sure which trumped which.)
too much information?
nothing but tea for two days. the lack of caffeine is cause of the nagging headache i’m feeling.
i’m waiting, by way of listening to what’s going on downstairs – i was blown away by a band called “nice daughter” that was streaming on my computer monitor (, to watch one of the most perfect movies ever made.
stagecoach (1939)
take a convict, a hooker, a swindler gentleman, a drunk doctor, a pregnant woman, a liquor saleman and a banker, put them in a stagecoach and send them through geronimo’s land.
there’s your plot.
john wayne isn’t even “john wayne” yet.
and note how bankers seem to always be bankers.
it’s old, hokey and black and white.
you know i’m all about black and white.

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