goodbye to goodbye blue monday, as it returns to the universe from whence it came


that universe was the cranium (mine – the one that was shattered on january 22nd, 1962 by a 1953 chevy) that bore it in 1984 and has been whirring, clicking and sizzling ever since.
the store, which hasn’t been mine for some years now, is closing sunday, november 30th and this website will spring back to life as i return to write stuff, sorta-like what’s happening this very moment.

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3 Responses to goodbye to goodbye blue monday, as it returns to the universe from whence it came

  1. Timothy says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what happened? Feel free to be as detailed or as terse as you’d like.

  2. Andrew says:

    Stopped by tonight, was sad to see it closed. I used to live nearby, from when I think you all started up. The venue was the only of it’s kind in the neighborhood. It wasn’t that it was the only spot around, it was cool too. I made it there when I could, would recommend it and call friends out there, I think I even spent a birthday there. I would talk to bands who played there, and remembering the caliber of performers I saw there, it was a space that felt like the spark in lower Bushwick. The last time I went there, sometime summer of 14, it felt like the the first (a good thing), although everything outside in the neighborhood had changed. It is sad to see it go, but thanks for all the years it was there.

  3. kelley says:

    Hey, I’m planning to move to Detroit next month and think Goodbye Blue Monday should move with me. Please email me if you want to discuss this idea further:

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