in good company….

the little junk store that could was mentioned in a story about where to find the next big thing.
that’s what Goodbye Blue Monday was ten years ago, before it sold coffee, beer and had live performance.
but we digress….
OK, Qantas airlines targets a demographic about 13,000 miles away, bit still….
i’ve flown there in one of those big, giant planes that are eight-stories tall (at their highest point) and loved perth and sydney and actually had dinner with “the voice of qantas,” who welcomes you onboard and tells you how wonderful everything’s gonna be.
i would later find out that she’s in the new “mad max” series of films.
imagine that!
so read about us here, in their magazine!.
this is why we fought to keep GBM’s doors open and if we said thanks and you didn’t hear it, we’re saying it again.
and thanks Qantas Airlines!

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