thermals season for thermal seasons

sometimes, we attach importance to a moment – as it happens – and it becomes the thread we associate with the coming days and weeks and maybe the unfolding history of the world (or part of it) as it moves forward.
thus, the title of this note.
last sunday – i think it was then – i threw on a set of thermals for the first time this “season,” as opposed to the previous long-john season this past winter.
i checked a small box in my head where the question might have been, “does this begin the stretch of days to weeks to months where layers of clothing will be the rule; in particular, thermals?”
to “time-stamp” this, means the last week of october and for purposes of clarification, the thermals have been worn daily since, not that it’s all so important, the only point being, since the last note posted here, the shoreline of the northeast united states, particularly that of ny and nj, has been altered for all future days.
and between you and me, looking at the storm that was no longer “taking shape,” but has become an awfully devastating matter of fact, i still reel a little, more than three weeks later and having made the camera-held assault on fort tilden last year with the landing of hurricane irene, it was a given that i would do it again with “sandy,” though it would be a day or so later and the unfolding horror of this would magnify with each passing day.
“would it be very different this year?” i wondered, as i structured such questions in my mind.
my answer to that was a resounding, “yes.”
(it’s the same voice that tells me i’m smart as a whip or worthless as a wooden nickle.
a wooden nickel, meaning less, “token or coin,” and more, “to lay caution in one’s dealings,” in this case.
but i never knew that, additionally, a “wooden nickel” was also, “a small shit-stain placed on one’s forehead by someone else’s ass.”
really – you can look it up in the urban dictionary. thank you, innernet.
“i learned something new today…,” i muttered to myself. “…but i don’t think i’ll ever want one of those,” could have followed this.
if my self-esteem suffers a diabetic sugar low and has its way, who knows?
a shit-stain from someone’s “brown-eye” might be a mark (heh-heh) of grandiosity and manic, acid-tinged joy.)
bartender-driven sociological and psychological statements are better kept to a minimum in this day and age.
a scatological movement, small and round as it may be, is still shit to me.

obviously, this post is a rudderless schooner floating on a sea of uncertainty.
there are hundreds of these examples found on side streets and main thoroughfares these past weeks; giant, wooden and fiberglass displaced-items thrust landward, courtesy of tidal surges and high winds.
the photos interspersed here are from forty-eight hours after the storm, a week and forty-eight hours after the storm and another week later, after being told i cannot gain access anywhere in or around gateway national park.
with that, i won’t go on and on about what you’ve no doubt been seeing and hearing for days and weeks now.
for example – the photo below is of a sand-less riis park beach, something i never saw before.

turning west, i photographed fort tilden’s sandless beach. the sand as well as the dunes were gone, too.

there’s a whole bunch more photos at our photobucket link, but i think i need to throw in a reminder;
here’s the road that runs between the dunes and the main portion of fort tilden;

and here’s what happened to it –

“amazing,” is an understatement to me.
it’s yet another reminder of the futility of human arrogance and methinks this planet will be holding more classes to drive this message home in the near future.
oh, boy.

i’m weary from a from a five-year political season with no end in sight even though there’s been an election winner.
one party and the hateful racists who vote with it seem to think that if they’re not happy with the result, the election doesn’t count.
i count from the year before obama won the previous election to now, because of the markedly combative and relentless attacks he’s had to fight off since his inauguration, up to and including all the teadouche-hatespeak, birther crap-assedness and greed-induced bullshit that continually amazes me – how do a bunch of rich white guys convince millions of poorer white guys that it’s in their interest to make the rich guys richer and themselves poorer?
how do you vote against your own best interests?
do you think you’ll get a better seat on the bus? are you stuck in the 1950’s that badly, middle-class white men?
hate makes people do stupid things. incredibly stupid.
but humanity is insane for the most part and it’s done this sort of thing for centuries and as i haven’t said for long-enough, it will never end.
there will always be THAT douchebag or asshat or buzzkill to gum-up whatever “the works,” might be at one time or other, whether it be a utopian dream, civil society or a sunday barbeque.
there will forever be the guy who butts or bullies his or her way into the conversation with, “Listen,” or “let me tell you something,” or “you know what i think?”

thank you, monty python’s “the meaning of life” for your gentle reminder of the exceptional-american point of view.

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