with a mixture of wonder and dread i say this…..

on thursday, april 24th, i’ll be celebrating my birthday.

i’m not big on birthdays, especially since turning fifty, but since i was “officially” diagnosed with the big C last april, i feel it’s symbolic that i celebrate my life rather than deny it as i’ve done over the years.

even when my special friends from scrap bar would take me out for my birthday, i would insist it was more about scrap bar’s birthday.

scrap bar’s birthday is april 19th, 1986.

i made sure it was open so i could celebrate my 33rd birthday in my own bar and rejoiced in the fact that i would make it at least to jesus christ’s age.

i think all catholic males do that.

i’m not sure if male baptists and other protest-ant christians do.

maybe some of you folks out there could give me info on that and if christian women have a jesus mortality barometer like i seem to think men other than myself do.

needless to say, my first scrap bar birthday age plus scrap bar’s birthday age totals out like this;
33 jesus years old plus 22 years since scrap bar opened equals 55 years.

that’s me. 55 and still alive.

it seems there’s a lot of other april birthdays that i know of and i’m inviting any other april birthdays to join me here. i’ll give you champage. “almost champagne” here. it’s prosecco.

april people rule. those born in the last third of the month rule all the more.

if you can’t make it here, many happy returns to you nonetheless.

happy happy birthday. life is wonderful.


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6 Responses to with a mixture of wonder and dread i say this…..

  1. barry turner says:

    Steve— I do want to meet you and come to the club someday but I have to work this week and can’t make it. Nice to see you are celebrating! (And we are the same age. ) So we will continue to communicate like this until we can meet. I look forward to saying hello in person. Many many more birthdays……….—barry

  2. Martin says:

    Hi Steve. We probably met only once when I played at Goodbye Blue Monday. My son was born on the 28th (last year) and so we will be celebrating as well. We won’t be able to make it to Scrap Bar to celebrate with you, but enjoy the Prosecco. My wife, who is Italian, introduced me to Prosecco years ago and I like it, as well as all of the other wonders of Northeast Italy.

    Ciao ed Auguri!


  3. Christina Faulkner says:

    Hey Stevie-T… Happy #55, be blessed friend.

    Thanks for sharing it all.

    Love, light and peace,

    Letting Your Soul Be Heard
    Being Witnessed

    When we allow ourselves to be witnessed by another, we cannot help but be transformed by the experience. Whether we are sharing a personal experience, standing in front of friends to celebrate a special occasion, or expressing our unbridled joy or sorrow in front of a loved one, we are allowing ourselves to be seen and experienced in a very intimate way. Not only are we baring ourselves to someone else, but we are allowing that person to hold a very specific kind of space with us so this powerful act can take place. To be witnessed is to let ourselves be seen as we truly are in that moment.

    Our friends and loved ones can easily be witnesses for us, if only we are brave enough to let them. Your next birthday may be the perfect occasion to experience this sacred act: Invite your friends and loved ones to your special day. During the celebration, stand in front of them and thank them for being there for you. Feel their gratitude, attention, warmth, and support, while noticing the sense of safety you feel as they surround you. If you feel inspired, share your innermost thoughts about the day and your life. You may be surprised at the feelings of peace and validation that arise within you, when you feel safe enough to go deep into your soul and share yourself with those you trust.

    Anyone who has ever seen love, admiration, acceptance, or appreciation reflected in a friend or loved one’s eyes knows how transformative that experience can be. When you bare yourself to another, you are giving them the gift of you and showing them that they also matter. In letting yourself be witnessed, you are letting others into your intimate space, stepping in the sacred container they have created for you, and creating a cauldron of positive affirmation, support, love, and goodwill that will stay with you forever.

  4. Jess says:

    Steve – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We get one day a year that we can call our own. Enjoy it to the fullest with all your nearest and dearest. May all your happiest and wildest wishes and fantasies come true today and throughout the coming year.

    Jess – I’m a friend of Stacey’s 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    Happy Birthday Steve from way out west where tumbleweeds roll and the emptiness washes your brain.


  6. Vince says:

    Happy B-day Steve,
    I read what you wrote on the Goodbye Blue Monday page… i’ve haven’t met you or been to the scrap bar. My birthday is in April also, in fact it’s the last day of April – 30th. So i appreciate what you wrote about April birthday people, particularly the latter part of the month, since mine is the last possible day of the sacred month.
    I am also going to be 55.
    Take care – many more happy birthdays to you!

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