in search of a storm, all i got was lightning

last night, in anticipation of the 99-degree temperatures forecast for today, i bought a big bag of “popcorn, indiana” butter-flavored popcorn, flavored with real butter…..

…that might or might not be micro-wave-warmable in its bag.
they’re touting such info on their website but i see no evidence on the bag.
i was going to watch “dr. strangelove” this afternoon and forget the heat.
instead, i fell asleep and woke up ten minutes after the movie ended.
so, i turned to the weather channel for solace (or solarce, what with all this heat) and heard about severe thunderstorms heading into the area.
ok. i will chase a storm and hope for a downpour.
i find peace in such things.
i made it out to floyd bennett field, drove around looking for a suitable place to park, then decided the better show might not be at the bay, but rather the beach, so i exited the airport and crossed the bridge to fort tilden.
the lightning flashes over the open ocean looked impressive, but that was all there was and after a walk along the dunes, we headed back to the car.
it was after 8pm. we drove back into floyd bennett and with the cooling air, i decided “what a perfect time to jog,” so there we were, running along runway 15 for a half-mile. around that time, i remembered that i hate jogging.
a few days earlier, maxx went to the vet for a complete exam and i worried about the ticks that i may have missed after our many visits out here.
as i sat waiting for his bloodwork i shuddered, remembering the pbs documentary i had seen about a year earlier about lyme disease and the medical profession, scaring the bejesus out of me. there’s times when i’d pick the ticks out of maxx’s hair and from his skin, then hours later find others burrowing into my own scalp, leg or chest when showering.

ticks seriously freak me out.
they are the rats of the insect world.
they are the corporate raiders of the human world; machines of single-purpose, devoid of morals or conscience.
yep – this is today’s indictment on humanity or part of it.
my gentle reminder that this planet will be fine or finer without us.
that we’re not so important as we think we are.
that our finer qualities will always be dwarfed by the louder-mouths.
that’s how conservative newspeak works.
that’s how christian-conservative spirituality is marketed.

bullshit mixed with crocodile tears….

…is just muddy shit.

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