“political fartery” and why it pfffts and blusters at the center of political discourse the world over

i had a long talk with my friend a night or two ago.
i sat in my car as the engine idled and the a/c churned coolness on maxx’s thick coat while we spoke about everything we hadn’t spoken about in months.
she and i go back about thirty years.
we had been involved, uninvolved, reinvolved, disinvolved, postinvolved – all these words that get a little red-squiggly line underneath them the moment the cursor spaces past them, immediately letting me know that this computer’s “spell-check” is not pleased with the choice of words or near-words i choose to employ.
i mentioned this once or twice before over the years.
i will no doubt mention it again. it’s what i do.

the heat of the past days sequestered buddy and maxx in my room at the back of the loft i call home, where a small a/c unit makes life bearable for their fur-covered personages.
they lie motionless, letting the cool air dropping from above lay upon them like a blanket….or something.

i’ve avoided speaking about politics lately.
i realize that right now, i hate politics almost as much as i hate the samsung intensity II cellphone i spoke of in the previous posting.
i had been listening with a piqued-ear about news regarding the democracy movement in egypt and how it’s being played in certain news cycles, mostly in the american media.
without being much of an expert in “political fartery,” a phrase i just made up and googled, leaving me to describe as my own, the entire “arab spring” has become a gaseous stank of silence, mis-direction and lies, taking over the bloom of hope and freedom.
i remember muttering something to that effect the week it happened. the egyptians who were filled with joy were about to trade-off oppressors.
the egyptian military that rules (and will continue to rule) the land of the pharaohs was created and trained by the american government back before and during hosni mubarak’s rise to power.
what this means is that everyone in the military over there are “old-guard-american,” and have strong connections to the pentagon who are not in a rush to hand much of anything over to anyone, but would have sooner given it to mubarak’s errand boy than anybody connected to the muslim brotherhood, but it didn’t work out that way.
the guy from the brotherhood won and all eyes will be on him every day.
so, either way, the population of that country continues to live in a vice.

those guys – the brotherhood – were nazi stooges and regional enforcers during world war two. they were also hardcore religious zealots.
i read about them a decade ago, long before they started appearing in the headlines again. if you want to learn about this, don’t just google their name and read what’s on top of the list – there’s a huge amount of selective bias covering both sides of the story.
dave emory is a brilliant researcher and his work in this field looms large in my non-professional estimation.
i think you can still listen to his work on WFMU.

…but back to political fartery;
the google notified me that i am the creator of this phrase, as the innernet has never seen these two words strung together.
as a result, i will now give my/the definitive definition, making me feel like king of a very small hill – or maybe just a methane-filled cloud – but what the hell, it’s great to be king of something for a sec, huh?

political fartery;
the act of exploding a “gaseous fuff” of nebulous explanation about what any-who says about any-what at any-time in full view of at least one member of an equally cloudy press.

but i digress….
the fartery i wanted to initially discuss was about the affordable care act – obama care – and how it’s been generating gas since day-one and it shows how hollering by means of money and righteous indignation tilts opinion in the world of the emotionally-explosive, yet totally uninformed and keeps stupidity not only in the game, but provides it with brass knuckles and shoulderpads, as if such a lack of knowledge is something you gain in playing or watching rollerball.

most of the opponents of obama care don’t even know what’s in it.
they hate it because of the guy whose name is on it.
they hate it because they were told to.
just how STUPID is that?
it’s just that simple. the teabag party is a pile of old white trash organized by hateful conservative money.
there’s a few uncle-toms (i gotta call’em like i see’em) and self-hating opportunists of various races that give this pack of creeps an air of legitimacy as a “grassroots, big-tent movement,” as well as some bible-thumping liars who know the lyrics to “yes, jesus loves me,” harkening to the days when black people sang that shit in their own goddamed chapels and kept to their own damned selves.
that’s what “we want our country back,” means.
don’t get me wrong – there’ve been great leaps forward regarding social change because of the civil rights movement – millions of southerners had grown weary of the george wallace state of mind – but the republicans did employ “the southern strategy” for a reason – hate lives and breeds quite well where envy and ignorance has a firm foothold. the democratic party lost the white south the day president johnson signed the civil rights bill, forty-eight years ago today.
sweet home alabama, arkansas, mississippi, georgia…etc.
yeah, right. as long as you keep the coloreds in line.
and oh yeah – keep the women stupid, barefoot and pregnant and make all their decisions for them.
…and while you’re at it, shove the gays back in the closet and
teach the children who can afford it and fuck the rest.
america, just like you want it, you fascist douchebags.

uhhh, where was i?
the message about the corporate state isn’t where i’m going here – it’s plain enough in the film and even more leading in the behavior of the republican/conservative parties the world over.
what’s happening in europe is connected to what’s happening here.
what’s happening in the far east is about what’s going on here.
it’s the same greedy bastards work in concert as they billow the air with stenchous plans and run life-support lines from government to business while severing the same between government and populace. multinational corporations are concerned with nothing more than the bottom line.
can you imagine corporate slavery?
it’s happening incrementally and most of these fine, upstanding americans are just hoping to ride the coattails of the well-to-do.
they’re hoping they’ll be lucky.
again – that’s what it’s really all about out there.
like i said last year – soon, the only message from them will be this – “bring out your dead.”
didn’t mitch mcconnell say as much on fox this weekend?


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