“ball of fire”,

booted the now “double G-4” computer to life as i-tunes settled on bill evans and for a while i sat here wondering if polished jazz fit my mental and emotional workspace.
the cluttered desk, the darkened television screen, buddy (my buddy) resting on his expanded computer-top real-estate and no longer in danger of falling off a computer tower in his sleep.
(this happened before and it scared the bejesus out of me.)
the terrible maxx is on the floor laying strategically behind me, his leash beside him at the ready.
if i shift in my chair maxx will rise, leash in teeth.
maxx is insistent (aside from being crazy).
ball of fire” will begin shortly. i’ve seen it before and i’ll see it again.
i probably mentioned it before, too.
it’s from the wonderful world of black and white i inhabit as much as possible.
a few days back, someone posted this article about current color films that are “better in black and white,” so it’s here to share with you.
but back to this film;

upon viewing it this time, i learned and retained the name of two gangsters in the film – one was “asthma,” the other, “pastrami,” though the focus of the film was the slang they were throwing around.
i love the language of the 1930’s and 40’s.
this movie is swimming with vintage language and hokey plotlines;
it’s inspired by “snow white and the seven dwarves.”

i had a long talk with a friend of mine.
as we spoke, i drifted into a sea of “discontentedness,” a word-not-a-word, but a word that needs to be a word, in my opinion.
i shivered when i gave myself enough time to consider my prospects at this age.
it’s no wonder, this need to escape into black and white.

what a perfect segue’ – i have to say this everytime i shoot and click out there in gateway national recreation area;

this place is in the new york metropolitan are, in eyes’ view of manhattan. imagine that.

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