sometimes i feel like a nucular accident

i owed beachtime to maxx.
i worked in the house all day trying to feel at home in my own space. this is not the same as when i’m not feeling, “at home” in my own skin or “at home” on this planet; besides, i have buddy and maxx to consider andi’ve been getting “visitoritis” because my place was becoming a “storagespacery,” two words not deemed words yet, though they’re fine with me, which brings to mind something i haven’t considered in ages – the glossary of mind and memory.
this decision was made days ago, but i can’t seem to get it together worth a damn.
i awoke this day.
that was enough for me.

39. – Visual imagery – The process of forming mental pictures of objects or ideas.
reading my morning e-mails and facebook notifications, i clicked a link about the federal reserve, a 7-trillion in bank loans at the time of TARP and dennis kucinich, triggering visual imagery unleashed in my head, remembering how the likes of kucinich, ross perot and “unsafe at any speed-nader,” were reduced – in astonishingly quick order – to caricatures of political buffoonery.
there, i used it in a sentence.

this is/was automatically-triggered by the two political parties, the press and media who give a skewed and distorted “critical look,” at “outsiders” when necessary.
i see this because i participated in it simply being here. i saw perot as a crackpot, after suggestions in that direction.
same thing with kucinich. i’ve been educated to believe that any third party is a crackpot party.
remember lyndon larouche.

before proceeding, here’s my disclaimer;
i’m as qualified to be leader of the most powerful nation on earth as almost every current republican candidate, with the exception of newt gingrich.
he’s as smart as he is evil and he’s very evil.

a dimwit like sarah palin (remember her?) and the current cartoon characters the republican party trotted out this year – bachmann, cain the minstrel (yes, he is), perry and newt the catholic – are considered “real” to an entire electorate when there’s absolutely no substance to them.
gingrich has substance.
he’s made up of cancerous lies and hate and right now, he’s top of the pops with this party of scared white folks.
it’s these same people, for the most part, who put george bush (the cheerleader) into office – twice. remember the perils of the independent voter who wants things fixed yesterday.
whether it was stolen both times is immaterial; the simple fact that it ever got that close is testament to ignorance and misinformation as well as the stupidity and collusion of the other party.
john huntsman, the sanest voice i’ve heard amid the propped-up beautitudes of the grand old party is considered not to be considered.

the occupy movement is getting it from all sides, especially by law enforcement and surreptitiously, by our own government.
there’s a massive game of “good-cop, bad-cop” going on here
and the good cop wants nothing more than to hold onto the status-quo or at most, toss them a financial bone, but keeping the population under the thumb of servitude and debt.
there’s no win here, least of all for the 99% percent, students or the OWS.

but i digress…

fuck it – this post is old

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