from the harvest moon

i took maxx to fort tilden for the first time since hurricane sunday, the day of the divine lightbulb.

it would be legit for maxx to frolic on the tan, grey and black sands of its glorious beach as the winter-clock is on at gateway national park. (september 15th to march 15th) without green-clad reprisals from the likes of the last park-police guy who asked me about drugs, “almost willie nelson,” or the lizard who wears the suit of the trader lady from three years ago when i walked on the breezy point road.
these people are somewhere behind me on this digital scroll and will last as long as the innernet does, i guess. someone – a reader – suggested that i “hard-copy” this for the future.
i gather that if this stuff is the same as ourselves, we’ll be electronically whizzing and banging all over the place for the tomorrows and yesterdays there ever were and will be.
for me, the notions of “future” and “humanity” tend at times to be a stretch. it’s not goodness or the divine blessings of dieties that will bring us forward.
it’s luck and odds.
we’re lucky to be here and the odds are that if a future cataclysm were to occur, there’s enough of us little cockroaches to insure someone, somewhere will be procreating and starting things all over again.
if that were to occur, i’ll maintain that there’ll be a buzzkill douchebag to gum it up even on the rerun.
it’s what we do.
besides, there’s an entire race of grifting lizards who “depend” on us, but -i’m sure they have access to a lot more “galactic supermarkets” out there for their diet.
of course, i could be wrong. i know as much as they want me to know about them and that lizard guy who sounds like eduardo ciannelli (and looks like omar sharif) does play his cards close.


…what lies above those little lines sat in this digiwarehouse till today. i forgot i wrote it. the one thing i want to say about that is this;
i can’t wait to talk to that lizard guy about, “occupy wall street,” and all that stuff that’s going on all over the world.

a month ago, i was told that this website/note-doohickey is “absolutely terrible,” the first such review in almost six years.
upon looking at it, i have to admit – yeah, pretty unkept.

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