i had the best slice of pizza in decades.
of course, it probably had more to do with my frame of mind, but it was a fresh-out-of-the-oven sicilian corner square –

…from tony’s of graham avenue.
the crust was…perfect…brilliant, but i’m not here to review them. i’ll tell you that i like them and leave it at that.
just in case you’re reading this on mars and am only familiar with well-fed, fattened, greedily-arrogant brands of humanity and know nothing about “pizza,” the above photo is a sicilian pizza pie and “the corner” is the corner-part of said item.
if there are no corners on mars, i’ll have to learn a whole bunch of new stuff from that grifting-lizard guy who sounds like eduardo ciannelli and looks like omar sharif and this point is moot and this is coming from a guy who thinks all points are moot, sometimes and is secure in the fact that it gives so many more points to discover because of it.
if you’re that stalker guy, you know what a sicilian corner is because we live in the same city and you’ll have to read on to see if you can glean any further information from me about what itches so horribly deep inside your brain. peekaboo!!!

but i digress.

back to the pizza moment;
it would have been morally wrong to not eat the fresh slice immediately, right there in the car while parked.

as i chomped and chewed, for no particular reason, i found myself being extraordinarily grateful.
another way of looking at this is to say, “at this moment, i am incredibly lucky. i have luck of the highest order with properly-oiled crust on my pizza. my luck is spangled with rhinestones and multicolored streamers on it.”
i’ll also add that i bought two other slices for when i got home, but they were not fresh-hot-sicilian corners, so they’re just fodder to this note.
i awoke this morning with maxx at the foot of my bed, buddy rolled up in a ball to my left and knowledge that there are a few someones out there who love me.
others, not so much.
i imagine this enhanced the taste of the pizza.

i poured all over the innernet, looking for an image of a button, like one that lights up on an elevator panel, that says “luck” but couldn’t find one.
i did come close.
i then thought about life and how this, more than anything, rules my life.
i was wondering about the phrase “don’t push your luck,” which is a lot like “don’t press your luck,” (if only in terms of the three stooges) and decided that’s pretty-much all i do anyway…

– and was gratified to see that there are believers in the obvious as such.


regarding the date of this posting, i can only say this;
i’ve had to let it go, otherwise i’ll continue to follow the money.


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