the “hot”

i’ve been here when it was hotter, but this past monday, me and maxx headed out to the beach under a gray sky and threateningly swift breezes. i looked at this as the blessing of a rainy-cool day and even put a jacket in the record bag to go with the camera, water and dog biscuits. i was set for this in my body, hard drive and intergalactic cosmic wireless port.
in the eighteen minutes it took to get onto the belt parkway heading west, the skies began to clear.
it was all downhill from there.
by the time i parked the car at fort tilden, the world was bright and the air was like soup. i peeked across the length of the parking lot and noticed a wine-red honda element backing out of its parking space and immediately sensed it was that lizard guy – the one who sounds like eduardo ciannelli and looks like omar sharif – making a run for it. I stood, waiting for the car to drive by and it did, stopping briefly, enough time for the window on the driver’s side to open and that grifting lizard to say, “…getting out of here. you’re a mess and don’t want to get into it with you today..,” and before i could answer, the window was up and the car was away.
i thought about flipping him the bird.
at that moment, his car’s window reopened, his left hand raised, middle finger upward to the heavens as the car passed out of sight.
“douchebag,” i muttered.
that’s my “default resentment word.”

the above photo has maxx in the shadow of a big concrete box. his eyes – to me – are asking, “what the fuck and when is this asshole going to take me home?”

we went home.

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