this past monday = a fortuitous error

i booked a night of mixed electronics/rock-pop-folk. four acts.

a week before this show, i realized that i forgot about a monthly show created by lola danza called “the Musicians Think Tank Series,” this month filled with jazz, poetry and spoken word and more jazz.

oops, i said.
so we prepped the stage in the backyard and had two full shows running at the same time and everyone was happy.

then i said to myself, “maybe we should do this again”

here’s the deal;
we’re going to book shows in the backyard.
wanna play?
sunday thru thursday – 8pm/9pm/10pm slots; ambient, electronic, acoustic; in essence – not TOO loud
friday and saturday – 9pm/10pm/11pm loud is OK

innersted? go here; GBM booking

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