this is indicative…..

….the “sell” the democratic party did on itself – again – is and has become a knee-jerk acknowledgment of the successful bullying tactics not only of the republicans and the tea party, but the doublespeaking press that professes two and three opinions simultaneously.
oh, by the way, this is the low-level headache that the debt ceiling scam has become.
add that to the questionable realities of the independent voter and the fractured, staged structure washington is and has become and hell, here walks in gabby giffords.
don’t get me wrong, i love ms. giffords.
she’s miraculous and believe you me, i know miracles, but she’s also a poster child of the the wholesale bloodletting and the obscene arrogance of the people who profess to “care.” she survived, others died and nothing happened regarding the weapon.
see under, “extended magazine.”
there were people gathered around her on the television who, eight months ago, were making plans on how to pounce on her congressional seat – after all, it’s about winning, you know….. and you can be confident these are the same people who muttered “goddam busboy,” when obama was elected, have hearts, black-as-night and passionately use phrases like, “we want our country back.”
gabby was a sentimental sideshow to an ongoing white-collar crime.

the obama presidency becomes more ineffectual by the minute, leaving the – ready for this? – GOP an actual chance for the presidency.
maybe not a BIG chance, but you know…
the press will bring up the, “independent voter,” and what do they do?

this stuff isn’t new and it’s endemic to the obama presidency.
“we want our country back,” was a whisper back when bill clinton was elected president. does anyone remember clinton and the black vote?
……and guess what? it was the unspoken word in 1963 dallas, hours before jack kennedy became a dead kennedy.

what’s going on – what’s ALWAYS been going on – is the gradual muzzling of something that became clear to me weeks after the terror attacks in new york in 2001.
want to know what happened? follow the money.
i’ll leave that alone.

ok. maybe i’m fracturing a little here.
my hard drive is skipping like a corrupted i-tune song file.
i get like that when i well-up inside;
when i think that things matter more than they do, i.e. – when the orbit of my tiny sphere of influence is disturbed further than i’m used to, that being the weary person i faced this morning while shaving feels a bit more hopeless than usual.

coming from a time of open dissent in the late 60’s and early 70’s, that gave way to cynicism and flip sarcasm (what works best with a nose full of blow and a martini or two), that later became shrouded mutterings with eyes averted, to finding my voice again and hollering about criminal behavior by a stolen presidency and a rubber-stamped, complicit judiciary around Y2K…
whether by ill-fortune or complex design, 9/11 altered behavior and foreign policy and what more – for me – it put the gag across my mouth when i wondered aloud the wisdom of going into iraq.
i knew, the media knew, the politicians knew – EVERYBODY KNEW, but the administration was able to easily move forward with nothing more than words and guarded ones at that, coming from a few voices.
anti-war movement? surely you jest…
it became infinitely clear that such thought is unamerican and i found myself “rooting” for our troops when i should have been saying, “they’re using you for cannon fodder – don’t let them.”
we’ve “been settled” into accepting the role of politically-correct cheerleader in the illegal and immoral for the likes of the military-industrial complex, halliburton and blackwater.
oh, and aside from the government contracts, somewhere in there is oil.
we’ll pay what we’re told by oil companies in the service of speculators
because the fix is in and the addiction to wealth parallels the addiction to oil. talk about a match made in heaven….

the “liberal” press never fails to mention the length of the two wars,
but the neocons still with the wars in obama’s lap, the bush economic doctrine still holds the taxes in check, grover norquist holds trump cards on grown men and women who sign behavioral promises. he’s a part-time comedian. really.

what the fuck is that?
what do i do other than keep my head down and hope.
i remember that word getting a lot of play a while back.

i’ll start hoping when america stops killing it’s soldiers in places they don’t belong.

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2 Responses to this is indicative…..

  1. Quint says:

    Hope is digression?
    Hope is the grilled cheese sandwich?
    Hope is the hunger!

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