the umbo box and a deck of cards

dragging those words around for days (in my head), unable to do a damn thing with them.

i wrote the above a week ago, then i became enmeshed in something that is totally beyond my control – the debt ceiling debate, or whatever that thing is called.
is it a debate? a battle? a conflict? a theater piece? a drama?
it’s saturday night and i’m waiting for news. earlier today i listened to the weaselly-turtle McConnell, that terrified stooge Boehner (the scared one) and loads of talking heads and quasi-experts yammer home some trite bullshit about how everything’s gonna be just fine or whatever.
intellectually, in my brain of brains, i don’t care anymore, that is of course, if i ever really cared to begin with, but it’s like my mind needed something to latch onto to get away from the wholesale slaughter going on inside me.
sometimes i could be extraordinarily cruel to myself for reasons i can’t even imagine…..
so, i key into an ongoing trainwreck running-on in real time – the debt.
the murdoch thing disappeared from the headlines – along with the dead guy , who hasn’t been even mentioned since the day he was found in his home on the 18th of july.
i’m running on low-grade headaches of late, the kind that reminds you how uncomfortable you are just often enough to let you know that, “this is not normal.”
i huddle next to cablenews and listen to the warnings of dire terribleness, the kind where they remind you about the potential downgrading of the entire united states economy’s credit rating. how moody’s and standard and poor’s could lower america’s creditworthiness and all the hoo-haa that’ll result because of this.
these are the same agencies that raved about Lehman Brothers who tanked, Bear Stearns who was sold for pennies and Merrill Lynch who was sold for dimes.
three years ago these bastions of business foresight and wisdom were bought and blindfolded.
i wonder why the greatest economy on earth (well, what was the greatest economy on earth) couldn’t polish a few apples and carry some chocolates to those same corporate schoolmarms and squeeze a little favor from the same darlings. we’ve got enough borrowed cash to grease a bigger economy than greece, right?
a ratings agency? no problem….
re/ this great economy – now it’s just a gang of hustlers and shills being groomed and plucked by my below-the-beach-located friends who i visited a couple of nights back, but that’s another story.

i just visited my friend.
he reminds me of me when i was dancing the cancer calypso a few years back. we talked about this load of hooey going on in washington.
he told me that his sweetheart across the earth told him that the debt-deal was made and it probably happened while i drove to his house.
all my hours of angst for nothing.
like missing the bus when i went into the bodega for a yoo-hoo, walking outside only to see the red lights fade away before me.
like i give a damn.
the screws will be set, as always.
they will deal under the deck.
now, about that umbo box……

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  1. Gerry Moloney says:

    Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines. – John Benfield

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