BOS/ bushwick arts weekend (fri, sat, sun)

Arts in Bushwick is this weekend.
for our part, we’ll have two days (saturday and sunday) of music, food and beverages.
the calendar is at the link above for all the other great places to go.
have fun and hope to see you!!!

Our Doors are open all day from 11am
we start grilling about 4pm
shows start around 5pm
5:30 Teletextile- – Inside
Danny Ross–  Inside
7:00 Eddie Tadross –   Inside
7:45 Metrosonics–   Outside
8:30 fitzo perfecto Inside
9:30 Jigsaw Soul–   Outside
10:15 Star FK Radium–   Inside
11:00 AirThieves– Outside
12:00 Hypernova–   Inside
12:45 Dave Treut (Detroit)-  Outside

4pm Doors
4:30 Anna Webber Quartet Inside
5:15 Brer Brian Inside
6:00 Cosmo D Outside
6:45 Residual Noise Inside
7:30 Laurel Halo Outside
8:30 New York Howl–  Inside
9:15 Royal Osprey Outside
10:00 Good Night & Good Morning Inside
10:45 Kittens Ablaze Outside
11:30 Worst Case Ontario Inside

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