piss for brains

as i wrote the above, i immediately felt i was about to launch into a political rant of sorts even though i had a prearranged point to make that has nothing at all to do with washington.
i mean, i feel the need to say something political before talking about my trip to south jersey to visit my original-equipment father in the hospital, so i’ll to go with this;
the pundits who continually speak of the “independent voter” and their impact on the decision-making over the impending presidential race have only to remember this – half of them have piss for brains, “fix it now” is their battle-cry and they probably have a lot to do with the above link.
but i digress in advance….i’ll let you read it and wait till you’ve returned………

it’s these independent voters who ushered-in the conservative republican house that many of these same voters are gnashing their political teeth and dealing with voter’s remorse over their decisions.
the same liars lie and “independent” rubes are sold a repackaged bill of the same goods and they bite.

and they have piss for brains.

oh, what the hell.
might as well check in with the glossary of mind and memory – it’s been so long, it’s like i forgot about it…..
38. – Verbal mediator – A word or phrase that forms a logical connection or “bridge” between two pieces of information; used as a mnemonic.
Shit, this is like kismet.
The title of this post and the glossary subject, “verbal mediator” are so “hand-in-glove,” you’d have thought i planned this whole thing ahead of time, from the hospital emergency in jersey three days ago up to and including my opinion of fifty-percent or so of america’s “independent” voters and it’ll become even more clear when i tie these seemingly disparate things together, making the “hands-in-gloves,” wet, smelly and streaked with grey-matter; that is, if i can keep my thoughts in order, keep my…..

there, i used it in a sentence.

my original-equipment father – a gentleman who i decided to become friends with after a few decades of silence – is in his 85th year and has some major health issue. up until the past few months his mental faculties have been sharp as a tack, but when admitted to the hospital, he was “confused.”
they said that his kidney function was irregular and it was affecting his inability to think clearly.
when i got to hospital on saturday, he was lucid and hopefully on the road to recovery. they began dialysis treatments two days earlier and his physical and mental functions improved markedly.
“it’s all so connected,” i thought to myself.

i decided to pull into the joyce kilmer rest area on the new jersey turnpike, a roadway that i heard is up for sale by the governor of new jersey. i pulled into a parking space that held the lone shadow of a tree, oddly the title of a joyce kilmer’s most famous poem, reclined my seat and closed my eyes.

i THINK that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

it’ll take a hell of a lot of dialysis machines to clean the piss outta all those brains.
your verbal mediator will make sure of that.

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