what,…it took forever to grow a moustache and now….

….i’m sitting here, my forefinger and thumb rubbing gently at my chin and above my upper lip and i’m wondering what happened to my ability to grow facial hair.
someone told me that after chemotherapy, you never know how your hair is going to act.
what am i doing with a ponytail?
last week i reached back and pulled the ratty remains of the strings on my head and found what constituted the legal definition of a ponytail (and not one of those gathered nubs, where you pull everything together, tie it and have what might be “argued” as being a ponytail).
no. this is valid enough to land me in a doonesbury cartoon. (there are geezer characters with ponytails in comics, or there were, weren’t there? as having been a reader of that strip for about three weeks in the late seventies or early eighties, i don’t recall.
of course, now i have to remind myself it’s the 21st century and use this computer…..

there now – with a hunter s. included. i googled “early doonesbury”
meaning i may have been old even then.
which reminds me;
from the glossary of brain and memory
14 – Knowledge base – One’s knowledge about specific topics and the world in general.
at this stage of the game (of life), the information stored in my knowledge base and a metro card with unlimited time and space will get me somewhere, someday and might have learned something.
there, i used it in a sentence.

i just spend the better part of the last two hours (running up and into my birth date) plunging the toilet of goodbye blue monday.
my final act of going upstairs to the roof to see if there was the outside chance of it being a “vent” issue brought me no result.
it was then that i stopped and looked at my phone and saw that it was april 24th. i looked up to the sky, saw the big dipper and little dipper and muttered something about “orion,” like i knew what i was talking about.
i don’t know what i’m talking about. i like to believe i do.
the J train passed below from where i stood.
it has a toy-like quality from here. i know intellectually that i’m looking at pure metal – steel and steel and more steel by the tons – but my hand feels like it can reach out and pick it up like it’s made by lionel.
there’s a little bit of king kong in all of us.
i walked to the back of the building and looked at the Myrtle Ave. line which branches out and beyond, some church steeples and further on, to manhattan and the empire state building. what’s with all the green?
i’m plunging toilets on my birthday on my fifty-sixth birthday.
pretty good.
i’m really more than OK about that.
frankly, i think i’m strolling along the ultra-lucky highway of mega good fortune.
i’m thinking about not shaving for a while.

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  1. Just me& Trixie says:

    Happy Birthday Steve and many more!!!!!!

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