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post-maxxwalk and photo grabs, i sit in the back-hatch of the stationwagon, rear hatch opened, maxx laying on big runway 24, his leash tied to the steel catch that holds the door closed.
it will act as a lean-to or umbrella if or when the storms come.
there’s been rain all week.
with the sun’s disappearance a while ago and the cool, foggy air that drifted in as we walked back to the car, there’s a chance for it again.

for some reason, i found “pavement garden,” images as something i “needed” to shoot. i just made that term up, as it’s the only way i can describe what it is, sort of.
it’s this kind of thing……;

a day or two later – at this writing – i googled pavement gardens and learned that it’s an actual term, though the images they have are a bit more…defined.
there are a few more images from my “garden” right here, in photobucketland.
i could (and will) become overwhelmed in photographing this sort of thing in the future.

an hour earlier it was a sunny, cloudless day.
sitting, looking at the jamaica bay end of runway BIG 24, i wish i could drive west, like i did last september.

i haven’t used the term, “my first national park of words” in a long time. i plagiarized from my friend’s, “favorite words,” something that was part of our conversation since we met. i’ve had favorite words all my life, but never thought to tidy them up and put them on a shelf, so to speak.
i thank her for this because i am slowly becoming speechless.
i go here when, in mid-sentence, i have to find the words needed to complete a thought.
when i sit before the screen and the type becomes hieroglyphic and my mind goes blank……
when i wrote the national park piece (linked above), i decided my favorite words should be in an open space where they can roam free.
they appear and bring new or forgotten words to me, rare and endangered words, lost and exotic words.
and other times, there’s nothing there……

i found a big zero in this photo. that’s why i took it.
when i got home, i took out my camera and took a photo of buddy.

……his left paw, hanging from the computer tower would stretch and search, his eyes remaining closed.
i would touch his paw pads with a finger or two, his claws grasping them momentarily, holding them to the computer’s side, making me feel like i matter.

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    because we all ARE matter

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