alright, then….

GLOSSARY- brain and memory out-of-the-gate;
Interference – A phenomenon whereby something stored in long-term memory inhibits one’s ability to remember something else correctly.
the interference experienced in keeping the radio station tuned in (sorry, i’m still analogue) is nothing compared to the white-noise in my skull when trying to recall facets of my life that i might find unpleasant. as a matter of fact, i have a pretty hard time eeking out the general information i had in my head moments before, often enough to lead me to believe that with all the electro-magnetic-digital-radio-satellite transmissions going on, it’s reason enough for my own, personal hard drive (with glitches enough to render me to stare blankly for moments at a time, unable to grasp the thread of an idea or thought…) to blurt out, as if i awoke after a zone-out, “uuh, what was i talking about???”, the damaged circuitry relaying onto secondary platforms like mental bridges to nowhere, a cartload of information on a wobbly track that rolls onward and off a cliff somewhere inside here, hurtling into the psychic ooze, floating and bobbing like apples; concepts, dreams, memories and nightmares and that’s just in the area of initial splashdown.
i have to travel to the kitchen in order to have refrigerated seltzer water.
there’s a world of people out there basking in the glow of shirtsleeves and cargo shorts this spring day.
i, for one, will miss the natural refrigeration the drafty windowsill offers my two-liter canada-dry seltzer bottles and will take comfort in the remaining nights of this gift. it’s my plug-in to the eternal slacker.
i’m not bemoaning the end of winter and its sense of huddled anonymity.
not completely.
i rode my bicycle today and plan on a longer roll tomorrow.
cycling’s been part of me for as long as i can remember. i’m thinking about taking that ride to where i went when my camera’s battery died in the autumn;
where my dead camera took photos of the dead and spoke of history in terms of the ghosts who were a small part of it whether dead cats or dead irish.
with this in mind, i’ll charge the batteries now.
which reminds me;

semicolons – and why i need to take a sec and speak in praise of them.
a few months back, i ran into an editorial about it’s death and dismemberment. the author was really tearing to death, stated or hoped for, this grammatical¬† invention.
moments later, i realized i was late to the party when i found this gawker piece from last year.
it gave me pause, just like the comma did, not a second ago.
my relationship with it (;)will go on. it’s been too long. let history or some succinctionist expert of current and future linguistics and grammatical rules and trends consign it to the ash heap dots and commas.
i wonder if there’s a place in the lizard’s diet for experts.
there should be.
i can’t do it.

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