in the dark….in the darker…..

i thought about how many ways i could go with that title.
the initial reason for it has to do with taking maxx to floyd bennett airfield at dusk a few days back.
it was an impulsive decision based on…i don’t know…how much i need to be somewhere else…..somewhere remote?…..does that work?….
sometimes i wish i could just vaporize.
maybe it’s about the baseball that rolls around under the front seat of the car when i drive and how much i want to throw and play fetch with maxx (which i did last night).

i love the airport sky. i see so many friends out there.
the photo above is maxx as he surveys the fetch area.
he takes the game as serious as a heart attack.
in the photo below, you see a blur in the middle of the photo at the right. that’s him on the chase.

somewhere, in the area of the “maxxblurr,” a baseball is rolling along the ground at a blistering speed. ok, maybe not blistering, but fast.
i have a pocketful of miniature dog biscuits and maxx knows this.
he knows the math involved in this game, though i’m pretty sure the joy of the chase far outweighs the reward at his return, but that’s just my opinion…..

…. he sure seems happy with that baseball…
after luxuriating on the airport pavement and chasing the baseball time and again and indeed, crunching a bunch of mother hubbard dog biscuits, maxx and i returned to the car and headed for the old airplane hangar, a place that has become almost impossible to get into these days. i can hop a fence and be there in a second, but i won’t leave maxx behind. not tonight, anyway.

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