the black sands of breezy

the previous post had the chat with that lizard guy (who sounds like eduardo ciannelli and looks like omar sharif) when i first pulled into the parking lot at fort tilden this past saturday. there was a rain and wind advisory posted for the metropolitan area and was the reason for my trip out there.
this same storm spurred loads of tornadoes and flooding as it trashed areas throughout the south.
you can look it up. it killed people.
the most eye-catching aspect of the walk we had on the beach (for as long as i felt it safe for either or both of us) was the stinging high onshore winds and frothing seas, causing the waves to roll in at confused angles and the blackened sands, something i’ve seen at strips and accents at places on or parts of the shore but never covering the entire beach, my coat and my dog.
it was eerie.
you’d think this beach was filmed in black and white.
below is what i could glean from the innernet about possibly why the beach looks like a noir film.
it’ll have to do until i could find out a better answer.

The study of heavy minerals is an important tool for analyzing certain characteristics of sand. Heavy minerals include substances that have a specific gravity greater than 2.65. Specific gravity is the ratio of the weight of a given substance to the weight of an equal volume of water. Heavy minerals are concentrated in “black sand” deposits on beaches by refining processes involving both swash in the intertidal zone and by the sorting action of wind in the back beach area.

i have no idea if this is true and if it’s true, i have no idea what it means except, perhaps, that what i photographed IS black sand and it’s not iron filings.

…the wind and the sea bit into me and maxx so much that we stood at the shore as i called out my friend’s name, but it was swallowed up by the roar and the hiss around us.

oh, i heard me well enough and chances are, by maxx’s patient look, he heard my bellowing holler, my song to godzilla, my sweet friend and all the heroes and villians in all the black and white worlds i would wander into on late evenings and early mornings.

we walked from the beach and headed to the platform atop battery harris east. maxx was worn and wet and looked as i began to feel…

looking out, over this place i’ve grown so accustomed to, i found myself inventorying moments.
after a few minutes, i realized this is not a good idea.

that night, i looked at what might be a full moon – i’m never exactly sure – and started to inventory those, too.
after a few minutes, i realized this is not a good idea, either.
walking maxx in the questionably-safe confines of my neighborhood late this evening, i stopped inventorying…except for the amount of steps it takes to go from corner to corner…
at each corner i stop and am disheartened because it’s never the same number.

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