a different way of looking at this bonus thing

there’s all this hubbub about AIG and bonuses.
what they’re depending on the american taxpayer to do is learn to “groove” with it.
i heard we own 80% of that business (but we’re getting 100%  “of the business”) and it’s just a matter of understanding that this our chance to be like “fat-cats.”
don’t you feel like a banking giant?
you will, if you let this slide.
when’s the next chance you’re going to get to be this magnanimous?
i wonder if this artificial feeling makes us edibly-attractive to those further-up on the foodchain? the answer will probably be the first thing they say when i see them.
they are the ultimate interstellar “wiseacres” (that’s polite for wiseass).
the attorney general wants the list of names who approved and received these bonuses.
what no one realizes is, those people are gone and there’s a lot of fast skin-and-bone tailoring going on out there under the beach.
it all makes perfect sense now. this goes back to last week.
of course there were no lizards out there when i was photographing their operations area.
they were busy as bees, dining with and on oodles of delectibles; human yahoos arrogant enough to believe the party would never end, but of course they’d buy that line of baloney – it’s the ultra-professional-grifting-con artists who know just how to feed them that line so they can feed on them. what a hoot!
what was i thinking? i can almost hear that eduardo cinaelli-sounding, omar sharif-looking lizard guy doubled-over in laughter thinking about how i’m feeling right now. he could probably see the wide-eyed look overcome me just these moments ago.
the big “ah-hah!”.
this is a moment for the lizards to savor just like their meals, because some time in the further-on, i’ll be glinting and snickering at them while sparking around the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth-dimension.

where have i been? they even played me.
i was seduced by the history of war and armaments, of nuclear endgames.
the more this stuff happens, the more amazed i am at human folly, mine included, and martian-lizard inventiveness. they can charm the skin off a wise-ass insurance greedhound faster than a shitheel banking criminal can lie-up an unexpectingly-wishful-thinking mortgage seeker.

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  1. Stacey says:

    By George ….I think you got it….as they would say……just keep your trinkets with you please

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