my cell-phone works again. big deal.

that sums up my feelings about that.
the anxiety about not having one ended three days after arriving in perth, australia and its only reminder would be people fumbling desperately to find theirs when it would ring at inappropriate times.
that’s not for me!” i’d whisper to the universe.
needless to say, the night before flying home, i DID charge the phone which had been laying among other electronic doo-dads in my luggage these past three weeks – which will be essential in normalizing my daily routine, maybe……as if i ever had one…..which i do (or did) and now back, the phone (to which i would face and announce verbally, “i hate this phone,” at least once a day) and i have resumed this relationship with me becoming the disinterested party of the second part, the passion gone since mingling texts have been minus-ed from my fumbling fingers….any kind of death can do that to you…..
how we tweak and re-tweak (as opposed to tweet and re-tweet) life according to the bouts of chaos that inhabit times and moments in our inexorable journey toward, at least in my case, to “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension,” and how essential it’s been to me in the past and how little it seems to matter now…..,
once again, reminding me of life’s ebb and flow.
with this telephonic blackout assured by verizon’s technology (or lack of it), it became pretty easy to forsake news, little of it making it through my life-filter, the devastation in japan being the only headline to matter ….as the shackled madness of the middle-east and the varied groups scramble, attempting to secure new chains on those same, poor people….the oil… dear oppressed inhabitants of the everywhere – it’s all about the oil and your freedom will be continually bargained and brokered until barren and diseased pools of oozing waste lay in scorched sunlight, abandoned by the corporations that care as much about an arab shopkeeper as it does a nebraska rock farmer.
chuck in jesus and allah and you can fuel an extraordinary diversion that’ll keep everybody busy till the rape’s over.
the marginalization of humanity will continue.
the myth of “american exceptionalism” – prime republican/FOX talking points – is a veil thrown over the mantle that reads, “multinational corporatism,” where resources, both natural and human, are mined, maximized, depleted and abandoned – will give credence to the good-cop/bad-cop political system we’ve been hemmed into the past thirty years.
it’s what we do.
but what do i know? i’m sure there’s an expert in the “blowing smoke up your ass” who can refute my charges, pointless and anemic my muted rage is anyway.
it’s not even rage anymore. it’s more like “rag”
i came home to gas prices that rose another 20% in three weeks and food prices that did the same.
this was done by the same geniuses behind ENRON, by the same balderdash-driven speculators and practices that assure obscene profits to the few – the real “exceptional” americans and their world-connected counterparts – and little good for anyone else.

i go off about this until i remember…shucks.
why else did that lizard guy pose in the window of that house in sydney harbor?
if you don’t know what i’m talking about, go back three hundred paces or three years, whatever comes first.
then move forward, a google link at a time.

but i digress……
i was talking about a cellphone, wasn’t i ?
was i talking about australia? was i talking about japan?
if i was, i was talking about luck.
i returned home three days ago and am glad to be back.
i’m lucky i went, lucky to return.
yesterday, i would gather-up maxx and go to the beach and let him off the leash and watch him run and spin and bark and storm at me at full speed and either sidestep or crash into me and be one with joy.
i would look to where i last saw the big tire and and stood upon the rock where i hollered my friend’s name over the sea.
i wondered if the eduardo ciannelli-sounding lizard guy (who looks like omar sharif), awaited me in the parking lot.

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