boats and boots, sydney and sindney

today is st. patrick’s day in australia.
look at the photo above. can’t you tell?
i’m sitting in a park by a marina chock-full of sailboats and it’s as if no one told anyone about this “holiday” which is fine by me.
it’s thursday afternoon and i’ve begun the countdown home.
i can’t help it. it’s not particularly an impending-sense-of-doom type of countdown and it doesn’t follow me everywhere i go like there’s an LED screen in my mind that is visible everytime i take a prolonged blink,…..wait. oh, there IS one, in the lower right-hand corner of my counsciousness.
i’ve done all sorts of things since landing on this one-trick continent, but have decided to wind down and enjoy quieter moments, taking a vacation from the vacation. in case you’re an aussie i’ve befriended, my “one-trick” has to do with the amount of countries you have.
i wasn’t being all sort of american on you, whatever that means.
we’re supposed to go to melbourne to see some music shows and people who are long-time friends of robert’s, but we’re leaning more toward inviting them here. we’ll see.
i’ll do anything, but i have an established comfort-zone complete with a lightly-stocked fridge, toaster, french press for coffee and silverware, among other things.
i’ve gone to tourist spots and did touristy things.
i’ve gone around with locals and did local things.
i’ve gone out on my own and did “on my own” things, like this – now.
tonight i will be dining at the “voice of Qantas’ ” house, joy, who picked us up from the airport last week.
she’s the voice that directs you to look at the monitors located throughout the jet’s cabin for important information about what to do in the event of an emergency.
when she told us about this, her daughter added, “…and she’s the last official-voice you’ll hear if the plane goes DOWN.”
she hosted robert’s welcome home party last week, a few days after we got in from the west coast (australia’s).
so, tonight it’ll be dinner and small talk, then i’ll probably go back to the apartment and begin to go through photo images after doing the music bookings that came in during the course of the day…or night.
i’ve done four pics so far; there another four-hundred to look at.
robert has about 2000 photos to look at from the dungeon shoot yesterday alone, so life-is-work-is-vacation, here.
he still has wedding pictures from Perth to do, too.
yesterday i semi-assisted the assistant who was photographing the brothel and it’s staff.

what a hoot.
the place has three dungeons, a hospital room and a dress-up room (tranny-stuff).

the owner – and i met a few times since landing here.
we were “of like minds” when our bullshit detectors went off at the exact same time at the first party we attended in sydney.
we’ve been thick as thieves since.

she’s hilariously witty and “an adventure in motoring.”
in deference to her, i promised to keep it at that.
besides, her car showed no damage after she sideswiped that parked car after knocking the mirror off the previous car earlier that night.
some of the streets here are europe-narrow and have no business being two-way streets. but that’s my opinion and it’s what i told her after suggesting we make a run for it, which she did. “i don’t see anyone with a pen and paper writing down your information,” i said.
good enough for her, i guess.
we beat it outta’ there

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  1. Drew says:

    Oh my god, that hospital room is like something out of a De Palma nightmare. I love it.

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