wanna shake in your boots? watch worldfocus! hhmmm.., that cigarette almost smelled good!

what happened to me? worldfocus?
they’re a bit more forthcoming with information about the banking situation. let’s just say banks in the less-than-industrialized nations, e.g. non-european union (not that it’s much better there) things are getting real ugly, real fast. i don’t want to visit that again, at least not right now. it’ll be going on there for a long time and i’ll get worried when youtube starts getting psychotically-shot-chaos-ridden videos featuring cannibalism and out-of-breath, whispered commentary like in that nyc godzilla-kinda-movie that came out a while back.

this afternoon, as we were gathering our wits and wiring for the film premier of “the Why” that’s going to happen here tonight – not the whole movie; highlights and coming attractions along with performances by the musicians who comprised the score of the film along with the cast and principal makers of the project – i walked out of the store and into a blue stream of a cigarette. it was one of the times that the sense-memory, upon catching the olfactory information, transported me to one of those cigarettes that i actually “enjoyed” somewhere in my three-decade relationship with them. it slowed my steps to a near-halt. it made me think, “a drag. just a drag…..,” as i quickened my steps and made it into the building next door.
what a perfect time to scan my “international dictionary of obscenities”
i’ve mentioned this book before and have put up a few swears. here’s the book;

today’s phrase is from russia;
“huyim grushy akalachiva-yu”
this is phonetically constructed and i don’t know how to add the accents, but you can make a reasonable shot at saying it.
it means “i’m not doing a fucking thing”, though the literal translation appears to be “i’m whacking down pears with my prick”

just imagine, i’m writing this while listening to garrison keillor talk about lake wobegon. i never knew about this until a started my warehouse business in hoboken, new jersey about eleven years ago. when i first heard the show “A Prairie Home Companion” it was like falling into a copy of “the Reader’s Digest.”
i still like to catch an occasional show. mr. keillor’s voice is kind and reassuring and when you’re fending off notions of cannibalism in the savings and loans of third-world-nations, well, we need to hide sometimes as i’m doing that now.

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