they can’t take that away from…..hey, they can! they really can take that away from you!

they probably won’t dress well. i mean, they won’t be that “crisp” in thousand-dollar suits. they’ll probably be dull in contrast to the glib and chatty.
they’ll work, for the most part, for the government. they won’t grandstand and the few that might, probably won’t pull it off with as much aplomb.
the bankers, some fucking geniuses, crooks, weasels and wise-asses among them, are looking at the end of golden everything; parachutes, expense accounts, bonuses, hookers – everything.
they’re going to have to grow up and kick some horrible addictions, unfettered avarice and greed among them. this might be where i say, “you can’t take it with you.”
the “market” is having a hissy-fit because they want their brokers and bankers to control the businesses they trashed. these players want their boys in to cover their asses. they need to know the crooked jockeys in this steeplechase. they want to be in with the foxes who’ll be guarding the hen house…

and they want the foxes to be paid like nothing wrong ever happened;
that they deserve to be paid what they paid themselves when they had the U.M.B.O. Boxes  doing all the work. those lizards at the beach are farming up a storm.

the men and women who would be pressed into service working for the FDIC (jobs available) – would not be paying themselves whatever they want.
they’d be paid a “fair, professional wage,” something that executives think are crumbs reserved for “employees.”
many executives aren’t quite sure what employees are. they can’t remember that far back. entitlement is a mind-eraser. they might think employees are those are things that fetch “coffee” or stuff like that.
they might really think there’s power in a power tie. who knows what those people think? they might be crazy as loons…. a few sandwiches short of a picnic….they might be totally out of their minds.
as i write this, i’m listening to the radio and they’re talking about american express offering card holders 300 bucks to close their accounts. to scoot. to cop a walk.
i’m right here, fellas!!
never mind….they kicked me off the slide-card team over a year ago.

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