the elusive but trillionated, “then,”…..

….with urethaned reality, but later about that……

try as i might, i can’t write what i’m thinking these past days.
i chose to post the “then” pieces regardless of how disjointed or out of focus they are, hoping at one point maybe that the sum total of these will make sense.
maybe they’ll be a roadmap to the point i’m trying to make if indeed there is one.
….or not.

i hate to throw anything out even if it’s just words and at times using “then,” whether moving forwards or backwards, has loomed large at times.
it’s the perfect tool when discussing cause and effect.
it’s also great when you find yourself bouncing between here and “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension”, then and there in between everything everywhere.

when i last went to jamaica bay this was playing on my mind.
it’s got something to do with “needle in a haystack” moments i’ve been dwelling on (maybe a little too much) concerning things far beyond me.
to get away from these thoughts i retreated to international news and stayed there for days on end.
you know, there’s trouble in the mideast.
this caused me to go back to jamaica bay, to the outer edge of floyd bennett field and click some more photos and watch maxx live in his joyous moments.

as i photographed, clicking what’s in front of me, i was wondering about what’s next, the “then” in my life.
a series of “ends” are happening, oddly in keeping with my notion about things being part of a piece; artistic or orchestrated or drawn or devised or plotted mathematically, like dice rolling again and again, bouncing, staggering and toppling until they come to rest, only to be picked up and thrown again, shifting and changing on a green-felt digitoid chessboard, the chess-pieces madder than lewis carrol’s dreams, moving at speeds of acid-laced trails, its motion being the universe’s vibration in the big casino.
the hours out there held me in plasticine and i remian there till now.

the tundra new york became this past week was a long acid-peak, the snow covered in frozen-rain mist leaving everything with a smooth sheen recalling a period of time when i ate california-blue-barrels on a nearly daily basis at a time i can no longer put my finger on.
it was “then. ”
that then.

there are as many “thens” as there are reeds on the shore.
my present, past and future thens revolve inside me in no particular order. i hold some of them in an anticipatory state full aware of their outcome and wonder what happens at the moment “it” happens.
“then” what happens, is what happens next.
gray-matter driven neuro electri-sparks that fire-up in moments of upheaval are sitting in the green room, cross-legged, watching and waiting to be called.
my hard drive is poised and ready for anything.
then again……

we’re all waiting for it in one way or another.

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