gulls and gall, bulls and balls – as promised

cold as absolute “awww-shitt.” my fingers froze as i tried to take pics of the mob. i never saw so many birds here. no doubt, the high winds and rough sea had much to do with it.
so many freshly-ravaged mollusks littering the shore.
oh, the bivalvity.

such is the nature of the food chain.
i have to keep remembering this when i read or watch the news, something i’ve been doing with alarming regularity. this is a direct result of believing we have a chance of getting our government back since november of last year.
i need to step back and let it go. this is about the beach and the cold and how the big tire remains hidden, leading me to suspect that it might be getting drawn into the sea from under the sand and my watchful eye.
my conspiratorial fears are kicking up all the time.
it’s a who’s who of corporate thugs we’re seeing every day. i can’t see that much of a difference between “the chin” gigante and john thain except murderous gangsters might have a more honest sense of who and what they are. their sense of entitlement comes from a more primal and brutal place.

murder has that terrifying honesty to it

but the sinister business of pink-skinned, coiffed and powdered men in suits around a table being just a little too civilized,…..

these type of humans, those who haven’t yet been rendered lunch and a suit by the guy who sounds like eduardo cianelli and looks like omar sharif and his gang, have a beatific sense of themselves to the point that elitism is a dirty word. they’re a step above. entitlement doesn’t wash their hands, for they bathe in the safety of their own excrement, that they believe has the scent of the divine, or they’re just douchebags or both.

the best we’ll ever do is get that little rush of schadenfreude when they squirm uncomfortably before a committee or prosecutor. by then, chances are they’re long gone and a lizard is wearing them while their buddies on the other side of mars are howling up a lizardly storm. but we humans take what we can get, just like everything else that walks, crawls, swims or flies on this planet.

these CEOs are the bull market’s version of general george custer. and we know how that ended. and we all know where that ended.

bull run.

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