dead horse bay on ice….among other things

the above photo was taken in april of last year and if you look close, you can see that this tree was still budding.
granted, it was not “better homes and gardens” budding, but it did the best it could.
when i saw it yesterday, well…..

the roots of this tree was grasping at straws (in a literal sense), forever.
as the tide continued to reclaim the shoreline – and all that glassware – the tree just…ran out of luck and was blown over by a breeze.
to me, it looks like it was an early experiment in hydroponics.
“a tree grew in brooklyn…on a bed of glass.”
and if you look below, at the center of the root, you’ll see a brown bottle. my bottle education out here tells me that it’s a bleach bottle, as are loads of brown bottles of that shape out here.
that stuff could kill you if you live with it long enough, but that tree hung on till the planet itself slipped the rug out from under it…….

as a matter of fact, loads of stuff grow and look …beautiful….

such pastoral beauty lives within a hundred feet of shoreline devastation. imagine that. if i had my druthers, i might comment on the economic disparities becoming more and more evident in cities like new york.

the sludgy, mucky, blackened shore tries to suck the shoes from my feet as i walk here clicking the camera. no statement to make here.
i would just as well title the above photo, “rush hour.”
the soapbox was drawn into the ocean where it belongs.
i’m cause, product and victim of this beach if i choose to be but i’d rather be a tourist saying “ooh” and “ahhh” at the beauty and horror around me.
besides, i’m preoccupied with the bigger picture, at least for today.
i’ll dwell on the muck and mire; the golden reeds, winterness and magic sunshine in other moments.
i got a load of moments still, i think…..maybe.

the above photo was taken as i stood in low-tide sludge.
it smells of death and gear oil.

after posting the the above pics i realized i hadn’t visited the glossary of mind and memory in a long time.
i don’t know if there’s a link between the two.
obviously, i’ll try to make one.
worst case, i’ll acknowledge that everything’s connected (because it is) and let it go at that. philosophical slackery, uh huh.

so, from the glossary of mind and memory;
33. – Social cognitive theory – A theoretical perspective in which learning by observing others is the focus of study.
I’m not sure if the use of social cognitive theory applies to what i’ve learned in observing trees that grew on landfills – theoretically speaking, of course – but in the end, the photo at the top and the ones below it sum up a lot about everything, whether you’re talking about trees or people.
there, i used it in a sentence.
what it has to do with learning and behavior might be debatable.
the lesson here?…… i mean, apart from how humanity and trees (and everything in between) squeeze as much life out of life as we – and they – can from the moment we’re born, planted, hatched or whatever?
hell, i don’t know.
some of us (the “universal” us) – and them – have an incredible will to live.
others of us – also in the universal sense – seem to shut down and pack up and wait for the bus of timelessness with a sense of casual aplomb. still others either spark and fizzle or have circumstances do it for us. as i write these words, a universe of life’s “off” switches flash before me and boy oh boy, there’s an equally brilliant universe of death; a billion, billion launchpads aimed at as many stars and quasars and galaxies everywhere aside from the eighth-electro-plasma ocean of the ninth dimension, the place i’ve designed, built, decorated and continue to gussie up and tweak down according to my hard-drives glitches and twitches and hope i’ll be able to visit – even if for a millisecond of a silly putty-stretched eternity –

– the likes of everyone who matters, mattered or will cradle the futurehearts of me whether a string, neutron, proton or cell i’ve known that might journey outward, that being a moot point when considering these universes, galaxies, dimensions, time-traps, quasars, black holes or any other unfound, unthought whoozits or whatsitz; any undiscoverednesses by astronomical sky see-er, dreaming child, make-it-up-as-i-go-along artist, the likes of me or you……him or her, it or IT or it
or it and so on….
the thought of “string theory” came up to me as i wrote this because NPR had someone speaking about it while i sat here. i also heard him mention that there weren’t more than six or seven dimensions according to the math he’d done in working with the string.
i found this to be hilarious (as i often do).
about three weeks ago on NPR they had someone talking about there being ten to fifteen of them.
yeah, ok.
i gotta get these guys an umbo box specifically designed to spit out astronomical numbers that could matter if you really need them to….sort of….whatever. they might already have one.

it’s like positing why one superhero could kick another superhero’s ass or being a japanese scriptwriter who writes godzilla movies continually finding the likes of mothra, rodan, ghidra or a universe of other possibilities of rubber-suited cinema.

i digress, but not before seeking out the mothra trailer so i can hear the song.

this freezing day i spent clicking away and keeping an eye on maxx who ran his heart out for hours. my friend tom came along – it was his first experience out here and he went “tiny bottle shopping.”
i looked for canvases – things that could be framed visually, sortalike what i did at GBM over the years.
what came to mind this day was how shoes seem to abide out here –

hell, this shoe could’ve been worn by my great grandfather……

a couple of stitches in either of those above and they’d be walking again, but it’s not about that.

hey j, whaddaya say?

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